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Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press is a relative right, totally dependent on whether or not the government believes the truth is effective, or how much we will believe what the truth is  as administered through major news sources. Since many journalists in russia and other nations have been imprisoned for what the western media says is opposition to the ukrainian war.   Ironically, most international news coming to us news outlets is certainly swayed by cia but in the short run, american journalists are as impotent in forming opinion as any other non american journalist. If you take two distinct wars initiated by the two most powerful nuclear powers, russia and the us, ukraine and iraq respectfully. Both wars completely illegal within international law, both based on lies or justifications considered both immoral and imperialistic. Afghanistan has the mishonor this international women's day as the most repressive society against women. Gender apartheid or home imprisonment.

The new cold war

The cold wars, now including china as well as russia continue to dominate the storyline about war and the economy. The new   right wing which has taken over the house and stalemating the senate and presidency, is trying to convince us that china and russia aresomehow controlling the world economics. Russia dominated the energy sector in europe and china dominates,   the world food chain and its not good to allow the communist party to do that. All the products produced in the us that eventually went to places like china, malaysia, burma, third world countries because of cheap labor, cheap products, all to support capital rather than in country jobs. Of course, there is another reason corporations were given the go ahead is that the tremendous toxic poisoning of our water and agricultural system. Thats what fascism is all about. Fascists see nothing wrong with the old order. The order whereby working people are used by their employers, employers who can do whatever

The evolution of the carrot

The carrot thinks its the king of all things until the rabbit comes around. The rabbit thinks its king until the snake comes along, the snake thinks its king until the roadrunner comes along, the roadrunner thinks its king until the coyote comes along, the coyote is king until the cougar comes around, the cougar is king until the man with the gun comes along, the man with the gun thinks he's king until the men with planes, bombs, tanks come along, and the men with the armies think they're kings until the earth gives the land back to the carrots. Then we start all over again. Sent from my iPad

Resist War

Being anti-war is alot like being. Anti-gun. I'm not against guns just because i don't want a gun pointed at me, murder me, or anyone else but because i know using any kind of violence is the least moral, socially responsible part of my humanity.   When i want to resolve a dispute, a disagreement, i do not want to resolve anything with a gun or any violence.   As a gun owner, you have more rights (and privileges) than any unarmed citizen. Why is that? Its designed, its intentional, its embedded in our institutions, which means its more a matter of forgive them for they know not what they do, the ultimate excuse. Isnt it ironic that so called modern christians quote the punishments of the old testament which Jesus supposedly came to eradicate. Well, we know what happened to him. Laws, rules, traditions are enforced exceptions to every basic non violent morality. The enforcement is the forced acceptance of these exceptions by the endurance and embeddin

George Santos-The Newest Member of the Liars Club, USA

George Santos. The lord works in strange ways. George Santos gets elected based on a made up past and present. We are incensed more and more as george santos past is exposed in such a way as to make it seem he represents the worst of politics, the worst of liars, the worst of representative democracy. We are insensed. Progressive, radical, revolutionary alike. Common people alike. Embarrased, humiliated those who supported him, elected him. We are incensed. The news media feeds us the straw dog and we want revenge, matches to strike the flame. Where does all this self-righteousness come from? Backstory, we just "celebrated" twenty years of iraq war, in two years we will be inundated with the re discovery of the vietnam war, almost seven years seven years since 2016 election of donald trump, eight years after the election of the disappointing social worker, first black president in us history, sixteen years after the saxaphone playing, charm of


2024- anarchism, fascism and the status quo Defing political terms is one of the hardest intellectual exercises around. Everyone has an opinion of what should or should not be. And that's just under normal circumstances, not an election year, like we're in right now, 2022, with perhaps the single most defining election in american history coming up in 2024. Why is it so defining?  The election of Donald Trump took many so called liberal/left leaning/ and some real conservatives by surprise. The reason is simple. Trump represents a clear representation of a real rising american fascist party, that is still ill defined, unorganized (for elections), though with his election in 2016 it is apparent the manipulation of the media, the resounding acknowledgement of a middle class and working class tipping toward a fascist ideal of tear it down first, then we'll think about rebuilding, have made the usual foolishness of a fascist movement in america more possible than it's ever

For coyote

For coyote. This is for you. You are who once was given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, plague and by any means necessary, the beasts of the earth. I am not of the sword and only a victim of famine as all my brethren, women and children are, and as for the the plague, i am immune but for the fleas, but yes, the beasts, i am their creator, not the lord that claims us, and i will defend them against the wishes of the cruel men and gods who deny them.or is it. Otherwise why bother Then there is religious deception, war, famine, pestilence To think that after all this the earth will be renewed and it is hard to imagine the king of kings will change anything, black people enslaved, gay people stoned, rich people greed. Or is it? Otherwise, why bother. The sin in the world is the slavers, the warmongers, the haters, the cruel, and the voluntary ignorant.   So when he comes calling you, dont answer unless he promises not to harm


The litany of ignorance If during all discussions of any issue the entire lexicon of social, cultural, and political abuse has to be itemized and verbalized ad nauseum as a preamble to any negotiation, discussion, conversation to the extreme point of   Form of language euthanization then there is certainly a lack of real communication going on. Gay, straight, black, latinex, carbon neutral, net zero, man, woman, lgbtq, poor, middle class, working class, we all must endure this litany as some sort of a progressive mantra, opening the intellectual door to supposedly akin to let the light shine in. I understand intersectionality, a popular word to describe interconnectedness of all life and its problems but in all honesty trying to deal with intersectionality is just creating a collision course, no red lights, man. The underlying cause of all problems is, guess what, us. It doesnt matter what continent you live on, what race you are, what religion or what sex you


Slavery and patriarchy should be is the dinosaur that ravages america and the western world god that evolved out of it. America will be the lumbering, outdated monstrosity that fell, not by asteroid nor disease, nor egg marauding clever rats, but felled by its own masculine ingenuity, incongruity. The claim, " we didnt know" it was so bad, the wasteland america left behind. To think "profit incentive commerce" runs the world because of its creation of genocide, war, slavery, patriarchal force is at best its own planting of seeds of destruction for them and worst, all of us must go, in order for us to know if there is any reason to live other than for our own comfort. Behind every war, behind every abortion, right to choose fight is a religion. We're still living the old testament nightmares. The apocalypse of women, the apocalypse of the slave, the apocalypse of children, the apocalypse of the poor. Some of us can get by, say its not

Year of the rabbit

Year of the Rabbit Reeling from a series of mass shootings, Replaces reeling from a series of massive storms, Time again for the right to gather together and say guns dont kill people, neither do nuclear weapons, tanks, rockets. If im standing around and violence breaks out, someone dies, i still could be prosecuted for just being there, whereas i can sell a gun to someone who goes out and kills someones mother, father, and child and i carry no responsibility whatsoever. Patriarchal violence. The problem with the secret/top secret stashing of documents is the a priori assumption that these documents though illegal to posess, are innocuous, irrelevant, or forgotten, yet we will never know   because, guess what, they're secret. Secret upon secret upon secret. Of course, many secret documents have to do with department of defense Among those who dont believe in a god centered nation there is an assumed right, guaranteed by the first amendment to h

Fascist states

This is part 1 of a three part series exploring the rise of fascism, or as some might say, the reestablishment of fascist principles in the modern state. Im going to look at three of the most prominant nations which, through time, have emerged as having an undue influence in reestablishing fascist, nationalist, and exceptionalist principles-israel, russia, and the united states.   Of course, these three are merely prominent examples of a worldwide struggle between the forces of conservatism, traditional ennui, greed, ethnic, cultural, religious purity and the forces of what can be called "progressive" politics. I have to say that there are many ways fascist tendencies work their way through entrench themselves is sometimes more subtle than what we realize. Take the way in which whistleblowers are treated in any nation specifically and journalism in general.   A recent symposium on the treatment of whistleblowers and julian assange, specifically,  

Black cowboys

Black cowboys. This is black history month. Many people are familiar with the Buffalo Soldiers and the Tuskgee Airmen but theres a little recognized culture that continues to this day since the beginning of the settling of the west. The Black Cowboy and ranches run by black men and women spread throughout the west. Right here in the Sacramento area was the Leidsdorf land grant, one of the largest land grants in northern california,. Now we all recognize that the settling of america was an era that laid the foundation for all that is both bad and good about our culture. Its roots based in genocide, slavery, policies and institutions based in discrimination right alongside some of the grandest ideals of equality, justice, and democracy. Nevertheless, The horse, land, cattle, agriculture tilled a common ground between all cultures centered on livestock and agriculture, whether the lands are occupied by enslaved, ostracized or forcefully driven from their homelands,

Let's Talk God

      Let's Talk God- In Scientific Terms, That Is Let's talk god in scientific terms. In other words, after reading a portion of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, there came upon me an irrefutable logic and math acceptance of the Unified Field Theory of the universe's beginnings, that is, without all the mechanics and wave rationalities devised by scientists, the universe simply functions in such a way that if it functioned in any other way, it would not be real, that is, we would not be around to think about it, which as an aside brings up the question, if the universe fell in the forest would anyone of us know about it. Thus, we are living on chance and chance alone within neither an illogical god nor human like god who is perfect in the way that if god were not perfect then nothing would exist. We haven't gone far, have we? Science has given us an updated modern version of the story than the one Jehovah's Witness adheres to, though the scientist tells

Fascism: On the Road to Hell, a Metaphor.

The cold wars, now including China as well as Russia continue to dominate the storyline about war and the economy. The new right wing which has taken over the house and stalemating the senate and presidency, is trying to convince us that China and Russia are somehow controlling the world economics. Russia dominated the energy sector in Europe and China dominates   the world food chain and it's not good to allow the communist party to do that. All the products produced in the us that eventually went to places like China, Malaysia, Burma, and many other third world countries because of corporate hunger for cheap labor, cheap products, all to support worldwide capital rather than in country jobs. Of course, there is another reason corporations were given the go ahead is that the tremendous toxic poisoning of our water and agricultural system was better left in other countries to deal with. Thats what fascism is all about. Fascists see nothing wrong with the old o