Fascist states

This is part 1 of a three part series exploring the rise of fascism, or as some might say, the reestablishment of fascist principles in the modern state. Im going to look at three of the most prominant nations which, through time, have emerged as having an undue influence in reestablishing fascist, nationalist, and exceptionalist principles-israel, russia, and the united states. 

Of course, these three are merely prominent examples of a worldwide struggle between the forces of conservatism, traditional ennui, greed, ethnic, cultural, religious purity and the forces of what can be called "progressive" politics.

I have to say that there are many ways fascist tendencies work their way through entrench themselves is sometimes more subtle than what we realize. Take the way in which whistleblowers are treated in any nation specifically and journalism in general. 

A recent symposium on the treatment of whistleblowers and julian assange, specifically,  exposed once more the belief that a nations claims to a right to protect their mischief from their citizens are universally sancrosanct. This so called self-proclaimed national right is sanctioned by laws and enforced by decree.

As with most modern nations built or established on mostly generic principles of promises of safety, security, change, origins which seem attainable but doomed to fail in the long run because they are meant only to appease in times of trouble. Almost all nations are built on a premise of a power elite and its relationship to common citizens or general populations composed of a mixture of working, elder, young, religious, cultural differences. 

Us- the anti-terrorism laws passed after 9/11, the espionage act, patriot act. Magical thinking-democratization of fascism. Populist fascism. Capitalist fascism. Cointel. Cia born out of the cold war gave rights to nation to root out its enemies by suspending individual rights.


Russia invasion of ukraine/crimea.ideology. Misrepresented marxism.

Israel- the expansion of territory, economic blockade. Religious based supremacy. Gods chosen people.

All three of these nations are violating already agreed upon principles and treaties. Usually the premise behind these violations concerns national over international, exceptionalist over egalitarian, and 

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