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Moral question of our time

  A moral question of our time. Here we are. In the middle of the moral question of our time. The israel question and the answers weve been given provide the thoughtful fodder of every question about power and how it is used throughout the world. Any historian can apply how israel was created, maintained, supported, even in the face of in-your-face generational conflict, freedom fights, reaction. Anti-semitism has been around for a long time. First of all, there is an impression that there is peace and these wars, conflicts, are anomalies. There is not Peace, then no peace. If war is defined as not only the military conflict that takes place on battlefields everywhere, but we have to add to that definition the preparation for war is certainly an element in making war. When war is, looked at in its fullest historical sense, there is a moment when war always reflects the economies, culture, and most certainly, the politics of any nation. Peace is called when there s

All the ghosts to come

  All the ghosts yet to come to haunt us. Religions should lead the charge for hope but when it comes to revolution and politics, only pressure counts Is it genocide, is it apartheid, is it racist, is it fascist? The questions of our time, this time. We are certainly getting the fine points of each of these questions which have more to do with morality than anything else. Morality used to be the god prerogative but since we no longer are the benefactor of a just nor rational god because it's been put in the hands of men. So, the questions remain for the new man, Artificial Intelligence. If we believe that AI will be any different than the men who create it, we remove ourselves one step more from reality. All i can say is, "we have a right to defeat ourselves." Is homogeneity the same as conformity the same as way way too much lack of diversity? Or Is diversity really always good or just the new homogeneity? Another question, i wonder if the "d

Fisa- Part 2

Fisa and the right to privacy part 2 The abortion issue highlights our (progressives)   inability or unwillingness to anticipate how the country is going. Back in the sixties when roe vs wade became the federal law of the land, the right to privacy was reserved for regular people as well as political elites, celebrities etc. the main exception to the right to privacy were those who JEdgarHoover decided didn't have any rights, such as communists, black panthers, civil rights leaders, movement leaders, and a whole plethora of renegade and outlaw groups.   After roe vs wade, various states began to bombard the courts with what they believed to be exceptions to the rule and that was what no one expected to be the new anti-abortion front. In addition, 9/11 happened, though we still do not know how, but privacy for more groups and their american collaborators went out the window. So, with all that, by the early 2000's when guantanamo, torture, proxy wars

Land of the Three

  Land of the Three It appears the universities are taking a page out of the new playbook that says, forget free speech, forget divestiture, we are the bastions against thought, one of the bastions that's been bought. Here's what is going to happen now. The coin has been tossed. Heads you lose, tails you lose. Students arrested or suspended from their schools will pay a price for their dissent here in the " occupied" land of the three i.e.-president, congress, and corporate greed. War thinkers, warmakers, warmongers, political sycophants. Toads Nevertheless, despite the necessity of people challenging the national hubris/supremacy and its corporate interests at all costs, it may too late to just protest. It's been true in the past and is still true, protest, no matter how righteous the cause, is not enough. It was barely enough when MLK led the march for the people of america. Yes, vietnam was about the vietnamese fight for freedom from colonial

The Bubble

  The present is a bubble. The past is a wall. The future is as intangible as a dream. Where does that time leave us, like stranded on a desert isle, lone palm tree and all? All we have are the voices journalism brings to us, they speak loud and clear. I'm starting to believe in karma, but karma like god takes its time, what comes around, goes back around. The left is always looking for the good inside the bad, like gutting the worm out of the apple to make the apple edible to the modern palate. The world was the place to live but now the world is merely the place where god set us down while he went somewhere else to play and we have to escape with haste, otherwise either the climate or the politicians, are going to kill us all. Which would you rather have? Storm or shells, not the ones by the sea. Or The earth riding universal star streams, like fallen celebrities of stardust fame, tampering with reality tinkering, Galaxies, wave upon wave, We cannot find the truths which aligned

Charles Bukowski 1

  Charles Bukowski 1 "All gnarled and bent like the exposed roots of a tree, gone now but forever free." Allred Black Most of us are a hell of a lot closer to being homeless than being millionaires and millionaires are a dime a dozen these days, so what does that tell you what we’re worth in dollars and sense. I feel like a backyard chicken spending my days pecking at bugs and every now and then pooping out an egg or two for my master, or nation, whatever you want to call it. I actually remember a conversation with my first real girlfriend and I asked her what she wanted to accomplish in her life and she said she wanted to be a millionaire and I said I wanted to be a doctor. That about sealed the deal on a forever kind of love even though she realized her goal while I floundered in the role of Sancho Panza. None of those windmills had MD on them, doctors don’t grow on trees but disillusioned men and unpretty women fly in the face of somebody else’s plans. All this was dur

Dead Men Tell No Tales

  You can talk all you want about the glories of war, but you have to go to Washington d.c. and look at the wall and cemeteries to see who died there and the price one has to pay. It’s true dead men tell no tales we need to keep, for those who sacrifice for the shame of artifice and lie we can only weep. Their woes are imprisoned in the unbeating hearts of other men who lived on without him, who gild this dirty history, like a secret society, sworn to never reveal what we already know, they glean their riches from young men’s dreams. And young women’s souls. All he ever wanted was to be a good, hard-working auto mechanic. To live out his simple dreams in the landscape of milk and honey. He could have done that in any country on earth, yet his call to duty was framed in a false glory of a made-up story, his martyrdom already guaranteed as he lay far away in the mud, in a valley of green, a bloody battlefield in a place he never would have imagined he’d be, had he lived and died

Capitalism part 2

  Capitalism part 2 Capitalism has an evolution just like the prophet motive. In fact they went, came, and are going hand in hand. When thomas more wrote utopia, he himself was both a believer in the authority of the church and a idealist supporter of communal prosperity and the working class. Mind you, he was conflicted as all intellectuals, no matter who or what ideal they represent, should be. Utopia thomas more published in 1516 Utopia coined from greek word meaning "no place". Also puns on greek word-eutopia, a happy or fortunate place. Utopia and dystopia, contradictory perfections.    Dystopia is a form of perfection whereby people function on a level that repetition and denial of reality seem to overwhelm any possibility of changing to a more efficient or improved social system less akin to a mouse on a wheel. Utopia on the other hand is an imagined system (since no utopias are currently functioning in this world of disorder and dysfu

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