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A Translation of Inaugural Address- by Frederick Foote

Dear Readers, you may have missed Donald Trumps’ inaugural address out of antipathy and disgust. However, the address was very revealing if you understand Trump Speak. Trump Speak is a dialect that has its foundation in misinformation, exaggeration, lies, bellicose bombast, and self-promotion. This vernacular assumes that the one correct view of the world is Trumps. And every other perspective is not just wrong but is a treasonous affront to Trump and, therefore, a seditious insult to the nation. I’m far from an expert in Trump Speak, but I have provided my translation of the inaugural hectoring on Across the Margin at:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe via

Dear Water Protectors: On January 18th, the Department of the Army published in the Federal Register its Notice of Intent to require an Environmental Impact Statement. This is another small victory in defeating the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. The fight, however, is still not over. While the EIS is exactly what we called for, we must ensure that it fully takes into consideration tribal treaty rights, natural resources, cultural and sacred places, socio-economical concerns, and environmental justice. We need your continued support as this process moves forward. Submit a comment to the Civil Works Division, and help us show the Army that #MillionsStandWithStandingRock Click HERE to submit a comment.

Under deConstruction, reConstruction

the Pred trump Administration takes power today Ringling Brothers will be shut down Just as the New Circus comes to town Pred trump is the head clown Leading his elephants and hiway men around Don't be dismayed, don't be afraid We'll once again have our day.

The Obama Presidency by Frederick Foote