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Want to Go to Mars?

Mars Take a look at the Mars program. I hear China is taking kids to a site where there are buildings like the ones might be built on Mars in the middle of a landscape similar to the one on Mars. Isn't that ironic? Why travel to Mars is my question? If you want to build a communal, self-contained "settlement," just start right here on our more friendly Earth, although it's probably true, if we were on Mars, we woudn't have to start killing and committing genocide against the beings that are there before us, but we won't know, will we, before we get there? Columbus statues are being torn down here on Earth while rebel astonauts on Mars might raise the Dixie flag. Americans and the Chinese are looking crazier and crazier aren't they? Along with the Israelites, Russkies, and everybody else that has to do with Republicanisms. Death Valley just registered the hottest temperatures on Earth. Why not build a Disney thing there on Mars? Why can't we forsake tha

The More things change the more they remain the same

Critique on the Revolutions Reported or Be Careful What You Ask For. I've been critical of the so called 'revolutions' taking place around the globe recently, including the Occupy movement of a couple of years ago. The so-called social media revolutions because they were built on the availability of social media to engage many people that may not have ever been engaged. As we've seen the revolutions in Northern Africa slip from the news, the Occupy Movement slip from having any relevance at all, and Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and other nation states, some newsworthy and some not, slip into and out of chaos, my criticism seems well founded. I'm only critical of how all these mass movements became reported, analyzed, and prognosticated by the media which supposedly supported or reported on them. We have reached a point in our history where mass media (free press) has been accepted as the main stay of a free society, such as we like to describe ours, without any real criti

Will Trump Leave Office When Voted Out?

There have been three times in my lifetime when i believed that a U.S. President would not relinquish his power (it's always been a "he", hasn't it?) at the end of their term- either by being voted out or timed out. In 1972 Nixon was re-elected despite his then 'possible' connection to the break-in at the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate and the attempt to create a secret National Security political apparatus in the White House, his intensification of the Vietnam War by genocidal carpet bombing of various Southeast Asian countries, his approval of J. Edgar Hoover's Cointelpro which practiced police and law enforcement murder and harassment of all political opposition to american foreign and domestic policy. After the election, Watergate became a bigger issue and it was apparent Nixon would be impeached and his top- level staff and administration officials were directly implicated and were about to be arrested for treason, Nixon ultimately resigned.