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Dear Joe and Kamala by Allred Black

  Dear Joe and Kamala. The election is over, I voted for you despite my usual misgivings about voting at all. However, I usually make some last-minute rationalization that I can use for the moment I enter the voting booth or drop my ballot in the mail. Sometimes it's what or who's on the local ballot but this time I denied my misgivings believing I would help in derailing the Trump revolution, yet realizing the government part of his revolution will be severed, he is a multi-headed monster that will not be eradicated nor slowed much by the election results. I must admit I'm in California so it really doesn't make much difference anyway, does it? But now I can complain. I don’t expect you to do much. You, Joe have always been a virulent yet subdued nationalist, anti- communist as well as one of those politicians that thinks socialism and communism are the same thing. I think it’s the catholic in you. You know, where most of us raised in the rigid principles of cathol

Allred's Choice

Allred's Choice is a series of bad guitar, spoken word, commentary or whatever Allred wants to do. Hope you enjoy, it's food for thought. Some Old News -Or Is It? More of the Same-O, Same-O Americans elected a new president in 2008, a black man, if you haven't heard, which should tell you something about the electorate, but it seems no one listened, not even the man for the job. To elect a black president in a racist country is a phenomenon in itself. It goes to show that there is a small hard core racist core in this country, that essentially has bullied the rest of the country into believing that they have a majority. Despite all the efforts to exclude legitimate voters from the polls, the racists man still did not even come close. So why can't Obama man up about it all? He wants to represent everybody, including the loud, misshapen extremists of both parties. Americans did not vote for Obama to be Jesus, Marx, or Martin Luther King. They wanted change and so far have