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Throwing Back the curtain

Every now and then something, somebody, or some event throws back the curtain separating us from them. The recent bank crisis is one example, the public murder of george floyd, and many others are representative of incidents that when they happen we are served up a plethora of state sponsored media experts and special analysts, scientists, psychologists, and anyone who can add another wall until the repair in the breach, usually by overwhelming, confusing contradictory information , smothering us with overkill facts, innuendoes, rumor, irrelevant fake facts.  Thats alot in one sentence, but thats how it comes down, just like that. Now its the debt ceiling crisis whereby they tell us how important it is to maintain Mericas credit rating but nothing about what happens when they cut a bad deal. If Rublicans want social security cuts and Democraps want war then don't we know who's going to suffer. The intent, of course, for them is to get everything back to

The Gist of My Youth

The gist of my youth was from what I saw on tv. i wanted to be brave, fearless even, whether it be the good cowboy who defended the chastity of women but could outdraw those who spent their whole lives killing people or stealing their horses. the good soldier who missed his home but fought the evil german and japanese empires and bring honor to the usa. the good catholic, who wanted to be a saint! not afraid of martyrdom, but, to at least, perform the one or two miracles necessary. I wanted to be kind to strangers and forgiving of my trespassers. Nevertheless, when i realized i couldnt be a cowboy without a horse or guitar, a GI Joe without a so called just war, or a saint without a religion, the only alternative could be a revolutionary, a force for change. Any change. From the genocidal cowboy, who took the land, to the dishonorable war and the men who planned, organized, justified, and fought them. And certainly, the power, influence, history of the church, chr

I'm an Anti-Authoritarian

Im an anti- authoritarian. I dont believe in a god with a personality But i can appreciate a good story. The earth is god. It cares not who rules, who lives, who bakes cookies   at christmas, who prays for the misfortunate. It cares naught whether its dinosaur, bird, ape who lives and who dies over time. It punishes the innocent, the weak, the unwary and along with the god of time, all will cease to exist as they were born and lived. Even rust never stops. Our earth god does not listen to pleas, requests, prayer or players. Within our miniscule life spans within the reality of real time, infinite time, we believe in hope for the future, the day, month, decade, we believe we have guaranteed. No guarantees. Earth with a no guarantee stamp.. So why do we live on in an imagined world with a satisfactory end, to be rewarded with eternal life out of all that happens to us that belies that illusion. Sent from my iPad

Stamped From the Beginning

  Book Review- Stamped From the Beginning Ibram X Kendi American Exceptionalism Part 6 or 7 Prologue Hey, Hon! I finished that entire book on the history of racism. That’s good. I never thought I would actually read an entire book on the history of racism in America. It not only had the cultural, legal framework behind the institutionalization of a society based on the enslavement of another “race” but, this being the part I got into, the intellectual, moral, and religious intellectual arguments behind the different aspects of racism as it relates today. Not much has changed, eh? I guess not. American Exceptionalism was born from the wombs of racist, genetic, cultural, climate theory philosophers, intellectual elitists, and scientists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This legacy of time worn and reborn rationalizations for committing to a nearly universal idea that in one way or another race, ethnicity, and culture matter in a completely unintelligible and cont