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All of Us (Creation)

  ( April )   It started with darkness   of this I am quite sure.   Then, somehow there was   or something emerged,   in order to create   LIGHT!     As my younger self in    Sunday school would say,   “ Even God (or whatever)    had to be able to see.”   After that, it all mystery.   (Or science?)     In School I read a story about Coyote,    With God as a crow,   And how the earth was discovered by duck    diving below the surface of the deep water.     My Sunday school teacher   would never approve of such tales.   But, I would say, rather rebelliously,   “ How can you put limits on God?”     ( Donella ) -   Time travel is first discovered by Elon Musk and Michael J. Fox collaborating on an attempt to change the speed of light measurement. They find a new dimensional sphere of max capacity motionless micro- nanoseconds at precisely zero temperature within the confines of molecular vibrational structures. This empowers the ‘’time influence” to break familiar ties to the now moment an