The new cold war

The cold wars, now including china as well as russia continue to dominate the storyline about war and the economy. The new  right wing which has taken over the house and stalemating the senate and presidency, is trying to convince us that china and russia aresomehow controlling the world economics. Russia dominated the energy sector in europe and china dominates,  the world food chain and its not good to allow the communist party to do that. All the products produced in the us that eventually went to places like china, malaysia, burma, third world countries because of cheap labor, cheap products, all to support capital rather than in country jobs. Of course, there is another reason corporations were given the go ahead is that the tremendous toxic poisoning of our water and agricultural system.

Thats what fascism is all about. Fascists see nothing wrong with the old order. The order whereby working people are used by their employers, employers who can do whatever thy want, suppress demands for better working conditions.

Cheap labor

No regulations

Thats the fascist way. Fascist and progressive theorists are similar in one way, the way that makes it difficult for any real change.

The fact that fascist hate the very people who are the favorite employees of the wealthy people they want to be, and the progressive who believes that actually working in blue collar jobs is a lifestyle downside.

We are the new dinosaur. There is no way that human beings and their civilization building that speeds up an artificial sense of safety and security which will collapse over time, cities and communities becoming like jungle infested temples and lava hardened artifices like pompeii.

But its not the apocalypse weve come to expect, but the time consuming evolutionary process that most scientists and politicians are blind to. 

The fact that a million years or more of "human" existance has already brought us to the temporal edge of extinction. The dinosaurs or any other species which became extinct did not have options for survival and in all honesty, neither do we. Our general acceptance of a supreme being approving of our existance is the main ingredient upsetting our supposed belief that we will be risen above it all. 

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