Year of the rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

Reeling from a series of mass shootings,

Replaces reeling from a series of massive storms,

Time again for the right to gather together and say guns dont kill people, neither do nuclear weapons, tanks, rockets.

If im standing around and violence breaks out, someone dies, i still could be prosecuted for just being there, whereas i can sell a gun to someone who goes out and kills someones mother, father, and child and i carry no responsibility whatsoever.

Patriarchal violence.

The problem with the secret/top secret stashing of documents is the a priori assumption that these documents though illegal to posess, are innocuous, irrelevant, or forgotten, yet we will never know  because, guess what, they're secret.

Secret upon secret upon secret.

Of course, many secret documents have to do with department of defense

Among those who dont believe in a god centered nation there is an assumed right, guaranteed by the first amendment to have the freedom not to believe. In contrast whenever gun advocates argue about gun freedom that instead of gun control everyone should carry a gun to defend themselves.

With that in mind, lets say I should have the freedom not to carry a gun and still be free from the violence of anyone who wants to harm me. 

The bill of rights, especially the second amendment do not protect the violence of gun owners anymore than local, state, and federal laws and regulations protect those who own a car. Technological advances in weaponry make it necessary to think about advances in gun safety beyond relying on reporting from adversarial gun manufacturers, sellers, and owners.

To tell the truth, politics hardly ever solves social problems but involvement and standing up in your community against the drugs, guns, violence and standing up for the unwritten bill of rights, we all have the right to be free of the intellectual, social, bullying and physical violence of the majority.

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