Resist War

Being anti-war is alot like being. Anti-gun. I'm not against guns just because i don't want a gun pointed at me, murder me, or anyone else but because i know using any kind of violence is the least moral, socially responsible part of my humanity. 

When i want to resolve a dispute, a disagreement, i do not want to resolve anything with a gun or any violence. 

As a gun owner, you have more rights (and privileges) than any unarmed citizen. Why is that? Its designed, its intentional, its embedded in our institutions, which means its more a matter of forgive them for they know not what they do, the ultimate excuse.

Isnt it ironic that so called modern christians quote the punishments of the old testament which Jesus supposedly came to eradicate. Well, we know what happened to him.

Laws, rules, traditions are enforced exceptions to every basic non violent morality. The enforcement is the forced acceptance of these exceptions by the endurance and embedding of those exceptions in laws, power, wealth, Just the same with being anti war, it doesn't matter who wages it, it doesn't matter if its my country claiming self-defense, or another nation claiming their so-called rights and privileges on others who have no choice but to be victims.

They make the laws and they enforce the laws. 

They're all the same, in reality the same perspective, different subjectivity. War is war is war. It is never good and if you look at history it never accomplishes anything. It accomplishes nothing.

Violence only means something to them who use it. Its about personal power, national power, its troubling that it seems every man seems to have a violence and even more troubling that that violence is inviolate.

What makes john kirby, joe biden, zelensky think that by visiting ukraine and offering support makes this any different than the invasion of iraq, the invasion of vietnam, Its true that at this point, like after the invasion of iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, it's impossible for the invaders to pull back and accept peace gestures where they have to take some responsibility for what has happened. 

Intransigence is the world of war.

War, no matter who wages it, is the same violence, more organized for sure, than is perpetuated against women, cultural and ethnic minorities. It is the same men with different mantles of power, different reasonableness rather than addictions.

Even progessives might say china is on the rise but it is said as a reason to mobilize. It's always reasoned to survive and save our supremacy. We are being attacked, they say. We must protect ourselves. Mobilize. The Nazification of war. All the fascist reasoning. The domestic threat of one group, we need to fight, in a new way, the new mind. We are a fractured society and we honestly don't know why because if we did we'd be able to go to work to fix what can be fixed, change what up til now can't be changed.

What's the solution for us, those of us who will be, are the domestic threat, nothing but to resist in every way, the threat. 

Nazification is the trend in every modern western society that relies on the resources begotten from small and mediocre dictatorships around the world. 

No small nation whose elites have allowed their resources to be used by the superpowers and who in return guarantees their continued superior position in their culture, by either violence or oppression.

Dont vote. Resist. If i cant vote for the things i want then whats the purpose of a democracy. Throw me a socialist straw dog.

They all have to have a war. 

I have no doubts that when any shit hits the fan, we, meaning progressive, left leaning, if even in just thought rather than deed, will be smothered and destroyed in an instant. All we will be able to say is, we tried and failed.

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