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Too late for revolution


Wisdom is wasted on the young


Vote, Don't vote? That is the question.

I'm trying to figure this voting thing out, you know, the dilemna of not voting for either candidate and, of course, the democratic party premise that a no vote for either is a yes vote for trump, in the case where we voters actually create another trump presidency by our absence at the presidential polls. That is a dilemna. I was listening to jamie raskin, democratic representative from maryland, who articulated very well what the democratic party represented, which was, according to him, respect for the rule of law, both domestically and internationality, including international humanitarian law and the two -state solution, which, he says, has been the policy of Biden and the democrats, well, "forever" So, i guess my question is, if we have a candidate, such as trump, who does not believe in the rule of law, nor believe in anything that doesn't have something to do with himself or getting wealthier on the backs of regular people and another candidate, such as B

Freedom and What We Give Them

  (Although written in 2010, like most politics, things remain the same. It wasn’t anymore then about Obama as it is now about Biden and others, in positions of power before or since him. Currently, (2024) we are in what I believe to be a much more dangerous world as we, everyone one of us, are being moved inexorably forward, helpless and hopeless. It’s still true though, without us they are nothing but only what we give them.) (2010) First of all, I want to try and rectify any potential misconceptions about the previous post before I go on with this new related rant. If I’m not successful, so be it. I believe in freedom overall, but my belief has a limit. I believe in benevolent freedom. In regard to sexual freedom, I believe in consensual sex between age defined adults. So, I believe gay and straight have the same human rights as far as sex goes. I could apply this principal to any of the freedoms I believe in. We as humans are equal, everywhere, all the time, regardless of c


Usery" No one believes in sin anymore nor should they. Grievance yes, sin no. The sin implies punishment by god but we all know that no one is going to wait for that. Usery is the practice of lending money with interest as suposedly both, an incentive to pay back as soon as possible or as getting value back for the lender. A more modern version has been accepted, whereas the interest has to be excessive in order for the sin/grievance to be rendered legally as usery. The sin-usery. The moral value- greed   the acceptable- profit or obligatory debt. Everyone acts as if there is a universal morality composed of compassion, empathy, selflessness, common sense, and/or a belief in the universality of love. I suppose a cynic, that is, one who is a pessimist, that is, one who doubts, might counter that if there is any universal morality it is one composed of greed, thievery, self-preservation, selfishness, and a lack of any of those values mentioned above. Its a toss-up. And i

Mussolini Fascism

 Ironically, Mussolini's fascism sounded alot like Trumps and a whole slew of modern progressive thought. It put all the ideas in a bag, hoping to catch the undecided, uncommitted, and unraveling.  Once everyone bought in, the bag was thrown into the river, like a sack full of cats. The Fascist program, issued two months later, was a curious mixture of veterans’ patriotism and radical social experiment, a kind of “national socialism.” On the national side, it called for fulfilling Italian expansionist aims in the Balkans and around the Mediterranean that had just been frustrated a few months before at the Paris Peace Conference. On the radical side, it proposed women’s suffrage and the vote at eighteen,  abolition of the upper house, convocation of a constituent assembly  to draft a new constitution for Italy (presumably without the monarchy),  the eighthour workday, worker participation in “the technical management of industry,”  the “partial expropriation of all kinds of wealth

What is america made of?

  This year we will see what america is made of. Will trump be re-elected? I dont think so. But another Joe Biden presidency will be equally disastrous for the future of america. The world's climate, both environmentally and politically is moving on and we can no longer wait for these men and few women To get their asses together (and "together" is pure euphemism).   We, the people, are caught between a rock and a hard place. But we all must share and take responsibility for this disaster. Too many times have we denied our voices to the righteous cause, taking refuge in our obscure security. I dont believe in karma, retribution, spiritual justice, but i do believe in a natural revolution cycle, what goes around, comes around, which climate change of one form or another, being counter to human waste, abuse, and overuse of the earth's resources and balance. Humans have thrown inbalance, we no longer live in accordance with universal principles and laws, created

Innocent Born

  Innocent born, we're bound for heaven's door, Even those born in the forest, or rock-strewn plains, painted like tropical birds, pierced by bone, There is something out there, beyond our seeking, beyond our contrivances, Something burned, fed, nurtured, praised, supplicated to, and defended, claimed allegiance to, call it whatever you want,  it's just not you. Who will go, dare to take a peek, who will stay until the very end, witness, sightless, voiceless, the last eclipse of the sun.  The swallowing of light, darkening of our time I was born a simple lad, innocent. Different now from beguiling, carefully crafted false beliefs of my summery youth, as was/is many of my generation, not monster enough as adult, To find reasons To pop open a child's head From secret vantage points, cowards hiding amidst cross haired hopes, targets, powers of illusion, takes us to st peters gate, ribboned awards hanging from a sniper heroes' fate,

Loving the Colorado

  I love the colorado river. I lived near there for several years. Recently, in the last decades the river and its artificial reservoirs have suffered, according to climatologists.   Well, i have good news and bad news. The good news is for climatologists and climate profiteers. The reversal of lake meads drought levels inflicts more skepticism on the belief that climate change is imminent. The bad news is for the general public. Though mighty slow, climate change will continue causing erratic and inconsistent climate changes upon which no one will be able to predict from year to year, where or when any particular area will be affected. What the old politicians dont realize is the further away from their last day as president they lose their freshness fast. Clinton, both clintons, are now irrelevant, and obama himself has been buried beneath his anti immigrant, pro nationalist zionist legacy. We are eight years from obamas last day and a whole generation born

World War Three

  08/20/2012 World War Three I actually try and think good rational thoughts but they always revolve around my society’s insanity and I can never tell in the end if I'm on the live earth or on the dead moon. I have nothing but sorrow and empathy for the japanese people and have no reservations in saying that their attempts to avert a bigger catastrophe have been heroic. I have little respect for the western liberals, environmentalists, anti-nuke’s philosophy that always has tinges of "we told you so" mixed in with their empathy or sympathy. And why is that you may ask? In the last few weeks, we have witnessed events that on the surface seemed progressive and hopeful but events both natural and unnatural (politics)have moved us rapidly back into reality. Now we are choosing sides. There is nothing wrong with choosing sides I suppose but once the world powers begin to differentiate between similar events in their own self-interest and begin imposing both political

Jesus was the honeymoon

Its not what you accomplish, its how you accomplish it. Ambitious feminists housewives taking control of school boards and community organizations, ambitious feminist liberals becoming lawyers, taking over the unnecessary and unneeded social conventions. Who do you think will become the true leaders? It looks as if dt wont be president, his armor is tarnished, after all he never had a plan nor degree to think his way through. Even the blue collar follower has forsaken him. In a real democracy, freedom is expression. Thats all it can be. There cant be a freedom for those who want to oppress/suppression anothers expression.   Expression we can accept as work, space, belief, creative, love, what to learn, how to learn, living Once that is accepted then it becomes even more complicated because humans are dual natured. Ideas of Ownership, control of property, defense of ones individual space and work, defense of ones ideas and beliefs ( another form of expr

War and unintentional consequences

Sent from my iPad War and unintentional (irony) genocides by inconsequential unhumanitarian, contradictorian idealist monsters of the antediluvian anti- futurist societies The anti- futurist, ai war is being demonstrated and sampled in gaza, the ultimate experiment in, not only the epitome of militaristic adventurism, but a challenge to the world at large for a true humanitarian response.   The world political structure is failing us. The defense of genocide is nearly unanimous. It is only the mass of young people and humanitarian organizations which have risen to the occasion. Its not a mistake that these true humanitarians have no political power whatsoever. AI is non discriminatroy, inefficient while being a sherman march to the sea. Children's trust asks, "Does government have the responsibility for protecting the generation that has no rights from the mishaps, prejudices, and zealotry of the older generation." It seems it would be possible. If the supreme c

The new form of racism is diversity in the wrong place

The new form of racism is diversity in the wrong places. The powers that be believe no one has ever seen a black, brown, gay person in real life, in our neighborhoods, in the grocery store so we are supposed to be amazed to know from commercials that everybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, feminism, all believe in the power of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, car manufacturers, and many other consumer desires. Tv programs and movies are another example of presenting a wide range of diverse but monolithic archetypes or stereotypes representing supposed typical americans, but if i thought that was all the hard working people who live on this land amounted to, i guess, i would feel defeated too. Politicians are another group growing diverse with all, black, white, brown and sex, representing the same two party system that has existed and persisted and supported all the racist, sexist, supremacy policies throughout the decades. (Sometimes its so hard for me to

Joe Biden Has Been Using the F Word by Kraig Schwartz

  With the political rise of Donald Trump there has been much discussion about fascism, authoritarianism and right-wing politics.   In recent days Joe Biden has joined the discussion. The president has described MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans as semi-fascists. I’m not sure what he means, but he clearly believes MAGA Republicans are a threat to our democracy. However, in an attempt to push back against Biden’s language, Republicans have been firing back at the president for his use of the term, suggesting that the president is despicable.   I’m not sure exactly what a semi-fascist is.   But, fascist movements, as we can learn from studying the 1920s, 30s and 40s are anti-democratic social and political movements that arise in times of deep economic, social and political crisis; they are usually led by a charismatic leader, a man who promises the people a resolution to national problems in broad sweeping terms, almost mystical in the leaders accounting. Fascist movements