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Here We Go Again-American Doom #1

  This was written back in Trumps presidency and is part of allred's continued referendum on the upcoming 2024 election. For america to be continually repeating, repeating itself through decades of whitewashing and window dressings of it's bleak historical legacy is merely a symptom of how little we, as a nation, have removed ourselves from reality. I think to concentrate just on trumps foibles (intentional or not) is to ignore the history of what brought trump to power in the first place. "Ignore" comes from ignorance, both ignorance of what is important and any ignorance growing exponentially from that. It isn't so much whether or not Obama was a good president or not or whether his legacy (which is completely arbitrarily determined by the same ideological ignorance as every other politician) needs to be protected but more what does  the history of this country tell us about it.  In all honesty, I don't know if anyone since the civil war really cares about

Democracy- Whats So Good About It?

Democracy: What's So Good About It?   There is a very big assumption here in the Fatherland that democracy is worth dying for, or at the very least, fighting for. I look around at the world to see if I can find examples of this principle by which we supposedly live. We've spent trillions of dollars trying to make it true, yet I can't find one example which illustrates that if you get rid of the people who bother you by sterilizing the political climate of any country and integrating ideas of democracy (but not equality) that the country will just naturally move in that direction. It hasn't happened yet. In fact, the contradiction corollary 9 Which is one thing follows another) kicks in. The more one nation fucks with another, the nationalistic tendencies of the oppressed nation turn toward fascism, that is, nationalistic opposition to the oppressor. Since I can't find any recent examples, most notably, the current candidates, Iraq and Afghanistan where those countri

More From Allred-Allred's I Love America

  5/8/23 Allred’s I Love America, Some Random Thoughts I’ve almost forgotten that America is a highly sophisticated security state. I get the feeling, maybe it’s just deja vue, that we’re living in the fifties again, giving birth to the sixties again. Does Joe bring that on? He’s acting as if America can and will fix all these problems if he had just come along a little sooner. Just a hunch. Did Copernicus or Galileo predict that the rise of the national security state would ultimately give rise to a worldwide crackdown on dissent, real democracy, and true equality? Probably not. But Maybe Tolstoy said it because he had such a shotgun type of mind that exposed everything he thought so, it’s possible he more than likely hit upon the concept that everything contrived by preachers and politicians couldn’t be good for anybody.   Chomsky probably thought so too because he also sees the external state of things as they really are and not what people want them to be, so he probably

Fragile Anybody?

Fragile Anybody? Suddenly, everybody is waking up to that morning that was foretold so long ago. Our rights are being taken away ever so slow,  incrementally, just like our change comes bare bones, already stripped clean by the bacteria, the good bacteria until one overcast morning we wake up and all our rights have been taken away. I've heard this every so often over the years that it's a wonder no one has put on the sandwich board, the end is near, or That morning already came. How come everybody comes up on injustice when its already too late for change Like my friend who was disappointed every time she came upon a realization about life, she discovered it was already part of a two-thousand-year-old religion, tradition, philosophy. The same goes for injustice, inequality, racism and oppression.  There's a big gap in our education when we are born the same as a squirming rat and after that, we get put on the wheel, put in our furnished cages, become thankful for

What happens on the day after the rest of YOUR life....

What happens on the day after the rest of YOUR life has nothing to do with you.

Rhetoric to Revolution

  Rhetoric to Revolution (Not) Back in the day when ethnic studies and cultural diversity sprang into being on college campuses simply because they could I took a class called Rhetoric to Revolution. The teacher or professor or whatever you want to call a not quite Master’s degree sociologist Black student acted confidently about whatever he talked about and during the intro class explained the class’s purpose. The idea of the class was to study all the revolutionary rhetoricians who were so bountiful in those days, from Eldridge Cleaver to Marcuse, from King to Malcolm, from Tijerina to Che, from Mao to Ho Chi Minh. A regular feast of ideas about how to accomplish a revolution. I’ve left some out because there were a lot. To study and understand how revolution first rhetoric must have, an impulse to define through ideas and speech the course of events to come. Revolution as recipe. That was enough. By then, I was basically a college dropout hanging out with the other college d

Ichi the Killer

  Ichi the Killer

American Justice is a snails pace to hell

So lets say that there is a palestinian american journalist, maybe the most prominent journalist in arab world and she is shot dead by the israeli military. There is very little media reporting (except by democracy now), hardly any inquiry by american authorities, repeated changes in the israeli response, and NO american outrage.   Months later, an iranian woman is murdered by iranian authorities for not wearing her hijab properly. This tragedy is followed by not only iranian outrage in the form of national protests but severe reprimand by american authorities to show how dictatorial and oppressive the iranian authorities are. This contrast is merely to demonstrate a universal impunity to not only israeli policy against the palestinian but the continued hype of american exceptionalism. It is not enough for left wing/neo-liberal news media and state officials to just cover the news with possible implied criticism of american, israeli, and other nation states ju