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My Talk with Akure by Frederick Foote

                  My Talk with Akure                                                                           Akure, my son and the sunshine of my life, in his eighth year, asked me, "Why are White people trying to stop us from voting?" I said, "Because they can. Because they want to win always. Because they fear people who aren't White. Because they don't want to lose their power and privileges." He said, "That's not right, good, or fair." I replied, "Listen. From their perspective, White is  right . And what is good for them is good for the nation. Fairness is only fair when they prevail." "Why are they so mean, greedy, and evil?" "In part because they are White. They weren't born White. They had to learn to be White. Some say that Whiteness is an illness, a disease, an infection, a corruption of the soul, a curse. But I say that they learned to be this way. To make sure they learned to be White, their parents se

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