Pre-Post debate

(Things are moving fast in the post-debate world from the democrats touting anyone between Harris, Michelle Obama, and every other lessor known liberal politician to rise to the occasion in case Biden is talked down from his ambitious and illusionary presidential position. I will try to keep up or better yet, stay ahead, stay the course and not fear the real future: fear, instead, the repetition of the present, the mouse wheel turning) Pre-debate The presidential coin were going to flip this year, both heads and no tails, will be arguing their case in front of a world wide audience and some people will be tuning in for strictly entertainment value. The jokes and jokers are on us, for sure. I always thought george bush jr was the stupidest president we ever had until 2016, and i believe, trump is surpassing that high level again this year. To think the polling is close just goes to show how ludicrous the american people are. Trump is stupid but im not sure if joe B

Notes and Quotes 1-From Arendt to Anything Goes

  Here's one thing wrong with America. I'm listening to Ed of MSNBC rant about what we all need to do in order to progress. The Senate just voted for the Keystone Pipeline. Recent reports showing improvement in the economy, more jobs, and how we're coming out of the recession (depression) we've been in for six years. My question is, how can anyone expect any progress when we accept a norm of disaster, war, economic collapse and six, ten, twenty years later we accept their version of progress Best of all will be those who know only one thing for certain: that whatever else happens, as long as we live we shall have to live together with ourselves. It's those who actually decide to not participate, even when attempts to force them, who are the ones who would not be able to live with themselves if they were complicit (by even remaining passive) in murder. Much more reliable are the doubters and skeptics, not because skepticism and doubting is good or wholesome

Too late for revolution


Wisdom is wasted on the young


Vote, Don't vote? That is the question.

I'm trying to figure this voting thing out, you know, the dilemna of not voting for either candidate and, of course, the democratic party premise that a no vote for either is a yes vote for trump, in the case where we voters actually create another trump presidency by our absence at the presidential polls. That is a dilemna. I was listening to jamie raskin, democratic representative from maryland, who articulated very well what the democratic party represented, which was, according to him, respect for the rule of law, both domestically and internationality, including international humanitarian law and the two -state solution, which, he says, has been the policy of Biden and the democrats, well, "forever" So, i guess my question is, if we have a candidate, such as trump, who does not believe in the rule of law, nor believe in anything that doesn't have something to do with himself or getting wealthier on the backs of regular people and another candidate, such as B

Freedom and What We Give Them

  (Although written in 2010, like most politics, things remain the same. It wasn’t anymore then about Obama as it is now about Biden and others, in positions of power before or since him. Currently, (2024) we are in what I believe to be a much more dangerous world as we, everyone one of us, are being moved inexorably forward, helpless and hopeless. It’s still true though, without us they are nothing but only what we give them.) (2010) First of all, I want to try and rectify any potential misconceptions about the previous post before I go on with this new related rant. If I’m not successful, so be it. I believe in freedom overall, but my belief has a limit. I believe in benevolent freedom. In regard to sexual freedom, I believe in consensual sex between age defined adults. So, I believe gay and straight have the same human rights as far as sex goes. I could apply this principal to any of the freedoms I believe in. We as humans are equal, everywhere, all the time, regardless of c


Usery" No one believes in sin anymore nor should they. Grievance yes, sin no. The sin implies punishment by god but we all know that no one is going to wait for that. Usery is the practice of lending money with interest as suposedly both, an incentive to pay back as soon as possible or as getting value back for the lender. A more modern version has been accepted, whereas the interest has to be excessive in order for the sin/grievance to be rendered legally as usery. The sin-usery. The moral value- greed   the acceptable- profit or obligatory debt. Everyone acts as if there is a universal morality composed of compassion, empathy, selflessness, common sense, and/or a belief in the universality of love. I suppose a cynic, that is, one who is a pessimist, that is, one who doubts, might counter that if there is any universal morality it is one composed of greed, thievery, self-preservation, selfishness, and a lack of any of those values mentioned above. Its a toss-up. And i