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Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast

Allred Blacks Treasure Chest of Time 04/14/21 Some people ask, “How can you beat the past?’ and I say, “You beat the past by making the future?”   Evolutionary Theory, though basically true, is still filled with primitive stereotypical and contrived “facts” such as -Neanderthals are our imperfect cousins, they came along in full shaggy beards, thick skulls, and large brains, kind of like early computer models, less efficient than Cro-Magnon, our so called direct European ancestors, who came ready, willing, and able to go out and eat, shave every-day, or, at least, had enough sense to get a beard trim while Mrs Magnon was learning to set a mean New York dinner table.   The older I get the more I understand that there are Truths still uncovered nor discovered by human hands. There’s a dark ray moment in every sunny sky and in the darkest night there’s a bit of bright star. It’s a world of change, pain, and contradictions that confounds us   To paraphrase William Burroughs.

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