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Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast

Part 1-you are living in the free world and in the free world youmust stay. Phil Ochs Since he is getting older and especially since he, like the rest of the civilized world, is riding outThe Covid-19 tidal wave in the relative safe environment of Amazon, Fed-Ex, UPS “essential” deliveries, making jobs for thieves as well as drivers, and contributing to the future by exposing himself to social media via Zoom, Hangouts, Duo, electronic banking- furthering job opportunities to hackers, thieves, African based scams, and homegrown sex illusionists, he is sharing the little pearls of wisdom he has gleaned from Life and living it to the fullest.

The security I'm looking for is the security of NOT knowing what my country is doing in my name. Or even yours. Call it the security of innocence, not naïveté, but Innocence. We've all lost all or so much of our Innocence and once you've lost it you can't ever retrieve it, even if you try and lose yourself in the nirvana of Buddha, or t…

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