The past doesnt last

The past doesnt last, When tomorrow comes, today becomes yesterday's time It can't be a political choice to respect human rights. Greta Thunberg Free will and political choices. The human mind is a simple one. Either it is or it isnt. Is it or isnt it? Dont hold your nose and vote for biden. If youre going to have such a disrespect for yourself and the process, better to just Do it the old way, raise your arms to the sky and pray, let their god sort it out, then prepare yourself for whatever comes along, which is what we have to do anyway. 30 years from the rwandan genocide that wasnt declared genocide until it was over and bill clinton finally called it genocide. Will biden realize israel is not the same israel of the david vs arab goliath of 1967? The age of heroes is over, thank god for that. Put all the superheroes weapons behind, the good intentions, the gestures of faith, hope and charity beneath you, the sacrifices for nothing believers in Christ

America's Frankenstein

We believe that the futuRe is connected to sci-fi but in reality, its our beloved frankenstein from the past that rules the future. American frankenstein. As a literary person i recognize that what america churns out as historical pablum for not only common people's consumption but also for its intellectuals is regurgitated cud, one thing becomes another without changing its composition.   Take the classic novel, frankenstein, written by mary shelley on a holiday lark. A good representation of 19th century ideas of socialistic/capitalistic struggles of the period. Believe me, it is not a monster story as hollywood would have us believe. It is a srory of a historical monster called unfettered capital ( money) and the way it runs amok if left to its own devices. Not much more complicated than that. Frankenstein started as a metaphor for all the control freaks, whether it be individuals or nations, who turned and continue to turn social constructs, such as education, economy

Overrun Overcome

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The language

The language In the modern world, and to me that means the world as formed from the rise of western european and us into dominance. Does a man who commits rape get to define "rape?". Does a nation get to define genocide? Does a dictator get to define freedom? If not, then why is there no certain definitions. The israel hamas war has once again demonstrated that outside the actual physical atrocity of war is the war of words. Language is all we have as humans to use in explaining our actions, and those explanations are weighed against what we describe as the truth, and full circle jerk fashion, that truth is the judicious dissection of the language compared to what happened according to witnesses and what they have to say about it. Truth no longer comes from the reliance of a persons own conscience. The saying that there are no guilty people in prison or there is no violence in war outside of self defense. America committed atrocities and genocide in america, vietnam

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Science and More Gadgetry

  Science and Gadgets  . Science has been the double- edge doppleganger sword for every good and evil technological ill in the modern world. We’re so fascinated by gadgets that we are told improve our lives just one little bit yet, nonetheless, we’ve made some indispensable to our daily routines. Gadgetry fascination is about the same as catnip to a cat. Pretty soon we’ll be enchanted by such new technologies as robot and drone delivery systems (for packages under 5lbs) sponsored by Amazon and Google; another Google invention, a windshield wiper that comes on when it rains. Whoopy!! Of course, the driverless car is becoming a part of our lexicon reality before it actually is a real reality. If they’re going to change the way people drive as well as the entire way we’re going to drive the vehicles themselves, the roads management, all that, but still complain that making a car that won’t burn fossil fuels, I’d say they’re not being that serious about global warming or eliminating the

What is a person.?

  What is a person. A person is one who has universal rights. A corporation is a person A set of cells is a person. A nation is a person A palestinian isnt a person. A queer is not a person. And depending on where you are in the world and who you are, you may or may not be a person. Who creates personhood? The supreme court creates. The congress creates The scientific community creates. The religious communities create Christians point to the declaration of independence as a reference that we are "one nation under god" perhaps but not governed by god. Whos writing the us script? Biden confusing gaza aid with ukraine. Kamala saying very precisely, cease fire in gaza and while people clap, she says, "within the next six weeks, with the conditions currently on the table." Conditions hamas has already said they wont accept.