2024- anarchism, fascism and the status quo

Defing political terms is one of the hardest intellectual exercises around. Everyone has an opinion of what should or should not be. And that's just under normal circumstances, not an election year, like we're in right now, 2022, with perhaps the single most defining election in american history coming up in 2024.

Why is it so defining?  The election of Donald Trump took many so called liberal/left leaning/ and some real conservatives by surprise. The reason is simple. Trump represents a clear representation of a real rising american fascist party, that is still ill defined, unorganized (for elections), though with his election in 2016 it is apparent the manipulation of the media, the resounding acknowledgement of a middle class and working class tipping toward a fascist ideal of tear it down first, then we'll think about rebuilding, have made the usual foolishness of a fascist movement in america more possible than it's ever been.

Five years after candidate Trump campaigned, then won the election, upheavals in the Departments of Justice, Legislative disengagement, and judicial tampering, six years later we still are unable to tell how big the problem is. With Trump, at this moment, being hounded by the Justice Department, NY tax investigations, and Jan 6th panels, it appears that what once seemed like unswerving loyalty to him a year ago has transferred to the mini-Trumps running state houses and legislatures across the country. Certainly, food for thought as to what the future holds in American society.

America has seen many right and left radical movements in it's relatively recent status as a world power. Ccording to Paxton, America may have been the first nation state to experience the first, real fascist organization, in the KKK. However, despite the ieals of the KKK that continue to live on in most southern states and millions of white supremacist lexicons, most people have learned from their history books that fascism is a european thing, circa world war 2, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. All the other demagogues in the wotld before and since merely represent themselves as "dictatorships", which by itself covers a lot of ground in trying to distinguish between types of nation states.

One real difference between the dictatorship and the democratically elected authoritarian state, like what we have in America, is that fascism doesn't care about any of that. Fascism has one basic goal. Destroy whatever institutions the public puts its faith in and take power by deinstitutionalizing the society in whatever way the movement dictates.

With all this, the coming mid-term election of this year and general election campaign trail opening up in less than a year for 2024, the american public will once again be asked to choose between the lesser of an infinite number of evils with little good in sight.

It is with a certain amount of trepidation that we progressives for the lack of a better term begin to try and sort out how it will work. As journalists, artists, historians, intellectuals, writers we feel it is our obligation to attempt to discern the various motives, politics, and movements that will pass by in this parade of old, traditional, meandering political philosophies, and working-class ideals, including both the real and imagined ways government does not work for you.

We have to start at a point of definition. Trump and his ism is a fascist movement, fashioned from a Mussolini type of fascism that utilized all the socialist, individualist, power based ideals and models defined by those who analyze political movements. It is personality (cult) based, it has no agenda other than the above mentioned ideal that the state should be destroyed by any means necessary, which can include using the very mechanism the state uses, such as voting, enforcement of the law, waiving of pre-determined rights already established by tradition etc, or by violence in the streets, creating chaos, doubt, and confusion of long-standing public truths.

We will examine these phenomenon as we progress through the electoral process, using the media, actual examples of the ways violence and the media work hand in hand in leading the public conscience on.

It is important to understand many of the media outlets, the general public at large, religious organizations, political groups, all use, unintentionally or not, resources designed to influence the one main entity, the public mind to vote , not from an actual engagement in the electoral process, but as a fearful, disengaged, uneducated, unthinking electorate.



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For coyote

For coyote. This is for you. You are who once was given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, plague and by any means necessary, the beasts of the earth.

I am not of the sword and only a victim of famine as all my brethren, women and children are, and as for the the plague, i am immune but for the fleas, but yes, the beasts, i am their creator, not the lord that claims us, and i will defend them against the wishes of the cruel men and gods who deny them.or is it. Otherwise why bother

Then there is religious deception, war, famine, pestilence

To think that after all this the earth will be renewed and it is hard to imagine the king of kings will change anything, black people enslaved, gay people stoned, rich people greed. Or is it? Otherwise, why bother. The sin in the world is the slavers, the warmongers, the haters, the cruel, and the voluntary ignorant. 

So when he comes calling you, dont answer unless he promises not to harm you, though you still trust him, with the cache of all your beautiful memories.  

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The litany of ignorance

If during all discussions of any issue the entire lexicon of social, cultural, and political abuse has to be itemized and verbalized ad nauseum as a preamble to any negotiation, discussion, conversation to the extreme point of 

Form of language euthanization then there is certainly a lack of real communication going on.

Gay, straight, black, latinex, carbon neutral, net zero, man, woman, lgbtq, poor, middle class, working class, we all must endure this litany as some sort of a progressive mantra, opening the intellectual door to supposedly akin to let the light shine in. I understand intersectionality, a popular word to describe interconnectedness of all life and its problems but in all honesty trying to deal with intersectionality is just creating a collision course, no red lights, man. The underlying cause of all problems is, guess what, us. It doesnt matter what continent you live on, what race you are, what religion or what sex you are or want to be, we're all the same mess of fun, beauty, and illusion.

Whoever invented the gun, bomb, did us no good, even for those who had to shoot bears and wolves or die. It was and is always inevitable we're going to turn our destructive instincts against each other.

Once all the indigenous tribes, communities, made up their own rules for behavior, we will never go forward to universal love, or even cooperation.

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Slavery and patriarchy should be is the dinosaur that ravages america and the western world god that evolved out of it. America will be the lumbering, outdated monstrosity that fell, not by asteroid nor disease, nor egg marauding clever rats, but felled by its own masculine ingenuity, incongruity.

The claim, " we didnt know" it was so bad, the wasteland america left behind.

To think "profit incentive commerce" runs the world because of its creation of genocide, war, slavery, patriarchal force is at best its own planting of seeds of destruction for them and worst, all of us must go, in order for us to know if there is any reason to live other than for our own comfort.

Behind every war, behind every abortion, right to choose fight is a religion. We're still living the old testament nightmares.

The apocalypse of women, the apocalypse of the slave, the apocalypse of children, the apocalypse of the poor. Some of us can get by, say its not so bad nor even bad at all, and im not one to push the guilt for doing better than most, but just the same, we live in a world of luck and being born into a world we didnt choose.

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Year of the rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

Reeling from a series of mass shootings,

Replaces reeling from a series of massive storms,

Time again for the right to gather together and say guns dont kill people, neither do nuclear weapons, tanks, rockets.

If im standing around and violence breaks out, someone dies, i still could be prosecuted for just being there, whereas i can sell a gun to someone who goes out and kills someones mother, father, and child and i carry no responsibility whatsoever.

Patriarchal violence.

The problem with the secret/top secret stashing of documents is the a priori assumption that these documents though illegal to posess, are innocuous, irrelevant, or forgotten, yet we will never know  because, guess what, they're secret.

Secret upon secret upon secret.

Of course, many secret documents have to do with department of defense

Among those who dont believe in a god centered nation there is an assumed right, guaranteed by the first amendment to have the freedom not to believe. In contrast whenever gun advocates argue about gun freedom that instead of gun control everyone should carry a gun to defend themselves.

With that in mind, lets say I should have the freedom not to carry a gun and still be free from the violence of anyone who wants to harm me. 

The bill of rights, especially the second amendment do not protect the violence of gun owners anymore than local, state, and federal laws and regulations protect those who own a car. Technological advances in weaponry make it necessary to think about advances in gun safety beyond relying on reporting from adversarial gun manufacturers, sellers, and owners.

To tell the truth, politics hardly ever solves social problems but involvement and standing up in your community against the drugs, guns, violence and standing up for the unwritten bill of rights, we all have the right to be free of the intellectual, social, bullying and physical violence of the majority.

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Fascist states

This is part 1 of a three part series exploring the rise of fascism, or as some might say, the reestablishment of fascist principles in the modern state. Im going to look at three of the most prominant nations which, through time, have emerged as having an undue influence in reestablishing fascist, nationalist, and exceptionalist principles-israel, russia, and the united states. 

Of course, these three are merely prominent examples of a worldwide struggle between the forces of conservatism, traditional ennui, greed, ethnic, cultural, religious purity and the forces of what can be called "progressive" politics.

I have to say that there are many ways fascist tendencies work their way through entrench themselves is sometimes more subtle than what we realize. Take the way in which whistleblowers are treated in any nation specifically and journalism in general. 

A recent symposium on the treatment of whistleblowers and julian assange, specifically,  exposed once more the belief that a nations claims to a right to protect their mischief from their citizens are universally sancrosanct. This so called self-proclaimed national right is sanctioned by laws and enforced by decree.

As with most modern nations built or established on mostly generic principles of promises of safety, security, change, origins which seem attainable but doomed to fail in the long run because they are meant only to appease in times of trouble. Almost all nations are built on a premise of a power elite and its relationship to common citizens or general populations composed of a mixture of working, elder, young, religious, cultural differences. 

Us- the anti-terrorism laws passed after 9/11, the espionage act, patriot act. Magical thinking-democratization of fascism. Populist fascism. Capitalist fascism. Cointel. Cia born out of the cold war gave rights to nation to root out its enemies by suspending individual rights.


Russia invasion of ukraine/crimea.ideology. Misrepresented marxism.

Israel- the expansion of territory, economic blockade. Religious based supremacy. Gods chosen people.

All three of these nations are violating already agreed upon principles and treaties. Usually the premise behind these violations concerns national over international, exceptionalist over egalitarian, and 

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Black cowboys

Black cowboys.

This is black history month. Many people are familiar with the Buffalo Soldiers and the Tuskgee Airmen but theres a little recognized culture that continues to this day since the beginning of the settling of the west. The Black Cowboy and ranches run by black men and women spread throughout the west. Right here in the Sacramento area was the Leidsdorf land grant, one of the largest land grants in northern california,.

Now we all recognize that the settling of america was an era that laid the foundation for all that is both bad and good about our culture. Its roots based in genocide, slavery, policies and institutions based in discrimination right alongside some of the grandest ideals of equality, justice, and democracy. Nevertheless, The horse, land, cattle, agriculture tilled a common ground between all cultures centered on livestock and agriculture, whether the lands are occupied by enslaved, ostracized or forcefully driven from their homelands, here or abroad. 

no mistake about it america is a confusing, frustrating, and dangerous culture but it is also as diverse as any on earth.

God, land, and family is the basic cowboy creed. Its universal. Like all cultures, it is mixed, diverse, and misunderstood, sometimes, depending on who's asking, stereotyped.

I was raised up on the tv cowboy...

Millions of boys, mostly white boys of the pre-boomer and boomer generation remained loyal to their country roots because the subdivision hadnt really come in to its day. 

My friends and i would play cowboys and indians and it wasnt always one sided toward the cowboy, id rather shoot the bow and arrow, bounce the knive against more than stick the tree, no, the real plight of the native american was no more a reality to me  at that young age than the segrgated schools we lived across town from. We werent tom paines nor thomas jeffersons but we were beginnig to get some sense of right and wrong.

 Men like Jim Bridger famous scout, i didnt know was black or Leadbelly writing Sweet lorraine, 

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Let's Talk God




Let's Talk God- In Scientific Terms, That Is

Let's talk god in scientific terms.

In other words, after reading a portion of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, there came upon me an irrefutable logic and math acceptance of the Unified Field Theory of the universe's beginnings, that is, without all the mechanics and wave rationalities devised by scientists, the universe simply functions in such a way that if it functioned in any other way, it would not be real, that is, we would not be around to think about it, which as an aside brings up the question, if the universe fell in the forest would anyone of us know about it. Thus, we are living on chance and chance alone within neither an illogical god nor human like god who is perfect in the way that if god were not perfect then nothing would exist.

We haven't gone far, have we? Science has given us an updated modern version of the story than the one Jehovah's Witness adheres to, though the scientist tells us we don't live in a universe that will fall back on itself because gravity and wave theory obey certain logic (g0d), although it's like anything else, not everyone agrees. have to harken back to in Biblical days. Even official Catholic Church doctrine has accepted the Big Bang Theory of Creation as that scientific truth that seems to assimilate the Biblical story of creation with the Big Bang, the only difference being the days are longer in the Big Bang. But since we're talking billions of years, or maybe just millions, we'll just have to wait awhile to see whether or not Jehovah's Witness or Niels Bohr has the last say.

So far science has not discovered why g0d has such a high-risk personality like ours, because if we're truly made, and I assume try to act, in His image then He has a large degree of destructive capabilities or on the other side of the equation, the benefit of the doubt, we create our truths to suit our own  purposes, a regulated revenge factory we must have in our heads or just the eventual Big Bank theory of the great economic minds of the twentieth century. Like the development of weapons, the evolving economic social planning didn't begin in the twentieth century. let's face it, our worst qualities, such as the desire to enslave, dominate, control, conquer has brought us to where we are now, spread out like some vicious self-inflicted addiction we don't know what to do about nor do we want to.

Addiction is not all about drugs and such things but the realization you can't afford what you think you need and absolutely have to have.

No wonder there are those who want to harken back to the days of Eden, which were probably just a little too boring for the young couple and if the lion didn't eat the lamb back then, where would the Discovery Channel end up. The funny thing is some people consider those stories history, unlike our mundane tendency now to break every momentous moment down into quarks and anti-matter. See, I am learning something from Mr Hawkings.

I guess I just figure what good does it do to base our lives on what we don't know about. I actually do believe that it wasn't that way until the modern age. Whatever the pre-history relatives didn't see, they didn't try and reason out why they didn't see it. Since every interpretation of what primitive peoples observed about the world came from the so called "historical record" which was nothing more than the then current day "media" reporting, the priests of the Spanish Conquistadors hovering over the naked bodies of Native Americans, trying to ascertain, from His perspective, what in Hell was going on, literally and figuratively.

In the meanwhile, science tread on the head of the church, and came up with an ambivalent god rather than a wrathful one. Mother Nature became the wrathful one to this day we see fire and brimstone as a way god uses Mother Nature to vent His purposes, unless, of course, He has Chosen People to suit His purposes in some areas of the world

In the meantime, trying to forgive superstition for all the ills of modern society isn't enough since science keeps on providing us with just enough technology to entertain us as well as kill us.

Along came John, It doesn't take a weatherman or a visionary to see that even though we may live in an ever expanding universe or one that may collapse back on itself, we're not going to be around in either case to see the end because the earth is finite, it's resources are finite, and the more we reproduce, gobble up anything artificial, maim and kill one another, we are in for big trouble.

I don't know much about the Bible or Quantum Particle or Wave Theory but I know some about both. I can say I can learn from the Bible how modern, supposed civilized people think about themselves and the world around them. I can see their history and it's as ugly as they think it's pretty, though they don't think it's too pretty because in the end somebody or something is going to have to save us, it's money in the bank. We aren't supposed to save each other because the Bible doesn't tell us so. We aren't going to go back to the Ice Age because science says we're not.

WE should all be asking ourselves, especially those who don't mind whether or not g0d is suicidal, whether or not we want to continue going down the same repetitive road. Why can't we accept the fact we're animals, animals with a technology addiction, but worse yet, a weakness (in the gene pool?) for using technology to kill each other and ourselves.



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Fascism: On the Road to Hell, a Metaphor.

The cold wars, now including China as well as Russia continue to dominate the storyline about war and the economy. The new right wing which has taken over the house and stalemating the senate and presidency, is trying to convince us that China and Russia are somehow controlling the world economics. Russia dominated the energy sector in Europe and China dominates the world food chain and it's not good to allow the communist party to do that. All the products produced in the us that eventually went to places like China, Malaysia, Burma, and many other third world countries because of corporate hunger for cheap labor, cheap products, all to support worldwide capital rather than in country jobs. Of course, there is another reason corporations were given the go ahead is that the tremendous toxic poisoning of our water and agricultural system was better left in other countries to deal with.

Thats what fascism is all about. Fascists see nothing wrong with the old order. The order whereby working people are used by their employers, employers who can do whatever they want, suppress demands for better working conditions.

Cheap labor

No regulations

Thats the fascist way. Fascist and progressive theorists are similar in one way, the way that makes it difficult for any real change.

The fact that fascist hate the very people who are the favorite employees of the wealthy people they want to be, and the progressive who believes that actually working in blue collar jobs is a lifestyle downside.

We are the new dinosaur. There is no way that human beings and our civilization building which supports an artificial sense of safety and security, can keep from collapsing over time, cities and communities becoming jungle infested temples and lava hardened artifices like pompeii.

But its not the apocalypse we've come to expect, but a time consuming evolutionary process that most scientists and politicians are blind to. 

The fact that a million years or more of "human" existence has already brought us to the temporal edge of extinction. The dinosaurs or any other species which became extinct did not have options for survival and in all honesty, neither do we. Our general acceptance of a supreme being approving of our existance is the main ingredient upsetting our supposed belief that we will be risen above it all. 

We better start studying Freud again or any modern feminist theory on how we got here because the chest thumping, alpha male, super id that's been ruling the historical world is taking everyone down the road to hell. ( Yes, there is no hell but what the hell, it's still a vivid metaphor.) 

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Nuclear Hell

 ( If anyone thinks nuclear energy, and it's warfare connected residue) is going away anytime soon, please go to the back of the line of already blown innocence.

Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries

(Updated May 2017)

  • Over 45 countries are actively considering embarking upon nuclear power programs.
  • These range from sophisticated economies to developing nations.
  • The front runners are UAE, Turkey, Belarus, and Poland.

Nuclear power is planned in over 20 countries which do not currently have it, and under some level of consideration in over 20 more (in a few, consideration is not necessarily at government level). In the following list, links are provided for those countries that are covered by specific country papers where the nuclear power prospects are more fully dealt with:

  • In Europe: Italy, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Norway, PolandBelarus, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, Turkey.
  • In the Middle East and North Africa: Gulf states including UAESaudi Arabia, Qatar & Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan.
  • In west, central and southern Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia.
  • In Central and South America: Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay.
  • In central and southern Asia: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  • In SE Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, AustraliaNew Zealand.
  • In east Asia: North Korea.

Despite the large number of these emerging countries, they are not expected to contribute very much to the expansion of nuclear capacity in the foreseeable future – the main growth will come in countries where the technology is already well established. However, in the longer term, the trend to urbanization in less-developed countries will greatly increase the demand for electricity, and especially that supplied by base-load plants such as nuclear. The pattern of energy demand in these countries will become more like that of Europe, North America and Japan.

Some of the above countries can be classified according to how far their nuclear power programmes or plans have progressed:

  • Power reactors under construction: UAEBelarus.
  • Contracts signed, legal and regulatory infrastructure well-developed or developing: LithuaniaTurkeyBangladeshVietnam (but deferred).
  • Committed plans, legal and regulatory infrastructure developing: JordanPoland, Egypt.
  • Well-developed plans but commitment pending: Thailand, IndonesiaKazakhstanSaudi Arabia, Chile; or commitment stalled: Italy.
  • Developing plans: Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria.
  • Discussion as serious policy option: Namibia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Estonia & Latvia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Syria, Qatar, Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru.
  • Officially not a policy option at present: AustraliaNew Zealand, Portugal, Norway, Ireland, Kuwait, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tanzania, Zambia, Kuwait.

A Valentine

The other day, Valentine's Day as a matter of fact I was listening to V (formerly Eve Ensler) on Democracy Now and got myself to thinking about Black History Month, Valentines Day, Jen Angel and David Harris, all in one big lump sum CONCEPTUAL alphabet soup and like the infernal infinite number of monkeys I managed to tie myself into that universe.

And all was good.

I wrote. To V, Jen Angel and David Harris

Whatever vanity i had in me rhen, 

Has hopefully evaporated from my soul, and left me, if not a better man, at least, a lessor one. And that is Good in a funny sort of way.

Love, that love rising from a violent free world, a love whereby, my socialized manly tendencies must be thwarted, for in them are contained all the fragments of my own oppression, as well as my oppression of them, the women and all the others who in the society I was naively raised in have had to endure.

The revolution within a revolution within a revolution that starts right here, in our hearts, and moves like a dream, a collective dream, a flood of consciousness and awareness that drowns all that hubris and privelege, keeping any of us from being free.

It's appropriate but probably an odd coincidence that black history month includes valentines day, a sort of incongruity, beautiful contradiction where one, the descendants of slaves relearn how to love their own humanity in the face of hate and, two, women in general learn how to redefine love in their own terms, and guess what, everyone is and will be the better for it.

Take up your art, take up your humanity and make it everywhere. 

Heroes all over the world who rise to the occasion and provide a realistic pathway for what the people have held inside themselves, desired but how is it that thousands of years ago humans worshipped and believed in gods who were versions of men and women, animal and human, and today we are left with believing in the power of ordinary men who are as intransigent as any god just because they have money, ownership, and possess only the power of invisibility because we have chosen to be blind.

Is it all a matter of the emperor wearing no clothes? 

Somebody needs to throw back the curtain. Open the room to enlightenment.

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The earth will be here

The earth will be here, long after we're gone, some of us in a long shot rocket man scenario to continue the wreckage we have wrought bringin it into some far-off distant star, like columbus all over again. If the bible got anyone right, it was him in the garden of paradise, the tree of life with its luscious fruit tempting eve, a godforsaken apple tree, how many of those were around then, it must have been surely fate, that from that tree adam and eve. ate

I heard that there's been a recent intergalactic intrusion on the earth, the defense department kept its mouth shut until they figure how they can retrieve a few small intrastellar fragments on the bottom of the sea.

But someone found them out, the secret is finally out. Will some montrous mountainlike being rise from the dark sea while we're not looking

We humans never stop coming up with ways to silence the grandeur that surrounds us. They'll kill you with talk about capitalism and some sort of materialism bot.

Ring stuff about themselves, maYbe the guns they own or the guns they need to get you off whatever they want from you. 

I don't know That much about trees but once they started dying from the lack of sun when the big catalcyism come, nothing less was going to survive except what the carrion eaters could thrive on.

How wrong could we be to bet the farm on tHe superiority of this species. God must be having a good, long laugh if you count infinity where weve been masters for about two seconds, infinity wise, and are already on our way out.

Happiness is a warm gun.

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Its not news

The continual local and national news programs that believe that consumerism, product display, and promotions for shops, restaurants, and events are news.

Neither is dedicating two full days to the travails of a political prisoner in egypt at the international cop27 oil lobby conference in cairo egypt by democracy now. 

The main problem with the type of news that caters to human interest news is that it plays to general authoritarian silence of news relevant to the major national and international policies which influence common people in any nation. There is a belief fostered in authoritarian cultures that what happens in government/national policy making are not interesting nor relevant to common citizens.

Yes, we are.

News January 29, 2023

Let it be. Pope Francis has said homosexuality is not a crime but a sin. Lgbtqi people, please dont try to convince the church it is not a sin. If you really want to remain in the catholic church, or any church for that matter, so insist on being exempt from religious "sin" then you are wasting your time. Cant we just hope that sin and law  continue to remain separate and unequal. Unless youre going to bring god into the discussion, then that might be something im willing to listen to.

Because inflation goes down the higher rent, higher interest rates, the higher costs of food, medicine, gas, dont retreat to their previous levels but will remain higher than before inflationary pressures.

Not only that, the federal government is implicit in its cooperation with landlord and owner associations, giving them stipends, funds, 

And economic support.

Three cop murders, israeli apartheid becomes even more fiolent, mass protests planned in us and currently in many countries including Atlanta, Memphis( tyree nichols), Haiti, Peru where us overthrow of elected officials and appointment of us national favorites. 

Our hands are always bloody even when they are empty.

For some reason, us officials and politicians cant put two and two together when it comes to its bloody involvement in domestic and international policies it either supports and/or instigates.

News December 2022

We are constantly being bombarded with the primitive religious driven oppression of women in foreign countries, mostly in the countries the US is not friendly with. It should only be a reminder of our own oppression of women by disregarding and ignoring the plight of working women, childrearing, and relational/domestic violence epidemic, not to mention the number of women and chilrden murdered by male relatives.

If russias invasion of ukraine is bidens example of a nation invading another without consequences being the epitome of the eventual downfall of civilization is another example of the us hubris and exceptionalism, forgetting we just recently left afghanistan after a twnety year invasion and have pretty much abandoned a floundering iraq after an invasion based on deceit, lies, and a manipulation of the un charter as well as other nations sovereignty.

Trump not indicted. 

We cannot accept any act of violence against women and children, whether it be state violence, such as in iran, religious such as in india, or individualistic such as happens in america. American media is directed to downplay sociological/ cultural significance of violence against women in america.

Sanctions are more likely to foster fascism than democracy.

The news. What you watch exposes what you don't see.

what you listen to what you don't hear.

ignore or dismiss. What you do chooses what you won't do or don't do

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American Justice is a snails pace to hell

So lets say that there is a palestinian american journalist, maybe the most prominent journalist in arab world and she is shot dead by the israeli military. There is very little media reporting (except by democracy now), hardly any inquiry by american authorities, repeated changes in the israeli response, and NO american outrage. 

Months later, an iranian woman is murdered by iranian authorities for not wearing her hijab properly. This tragedy is followed by not only iranian outrage in the form of national protests but severe reprimand by american authorities to show how dictatorial and oppressive the iranian authorities are.

This contrast is merely to demonstrate a universal impunity to not only israeli policy against the palestinian but the continued hype of american exceptionalism.

It is not enough for left wing/neo-liberal news media and state officials to just cover the news with possible implied criticism of american, israeli, and other nation states justifications for violence, war, and oppression, it must not always be swept under the rug, a euphemism clearly not the policy of these supposed duly elected legitimate sponsors of national terrorism. 

American responses to situations such as Sherin abu akleh, the american/ palestinian journalist murdered by israeli military is a demonstration of a well developed complex bureaucratic dead end in path shich has the earmarks of a maze filled with snafu after snafu, usually ending in a long drawn out legal snafu that may last for years.

The attempted prosecution of trump is an example of this. Even two years after the fact, the prosecution of people who invaded the capital has barely scratched the surface.

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2024- anarchism, fascism and the status quo Defing political terms is one of the hardest intellectual exercises around. Everyone has an opin...