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Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast

Allred Blacks Treasure Chest of Time 04/14/21 We’re Only Human, Aren’t We? One of mankind’s biggest problems is that there is a tendency, whether natural or not I don’t know, to lay a legal socially simulated architectural framework around every important philosophical and religious belief. This framework turns into more of a meshy( as well as messy) mental jail from which the intellectual cannot escape without leaving the truth behind, like a revered lover. From the Holy Bible, Torah, Koran to the Magna Carta, Constitution, or Social Contract there is the tendency to obfuscate whatever is written so it can fit the perusal needs of the obfuscator, as GWB or Sarah Palin might say. There is hope though. There is one firm example of a written philosophy that has been little toyed with and remains intact and free from legislators and their legal ilk who act as the oracles of Delphi in our political world, describing and reinterpreting those things we are already sure of. This one philosop

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