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Allred-Alive and Well in the Belly of the Beast

September 20, 2021 Words are going the way of the buffalo, though not yet extinct, the ones that are left are only for grazing the vast occupied plains of consciousness as items of interest to only tourists and natural cynics of environmentalism. A relatively few number of them have taken the place of hundreds of thousands of words and their distinctive meanings. Americans have been the least curious lot when it comes to technical jargon. We’ve handed over the specifics of our technology to experts who on the one hand have made it so difficult for ordinary people to utilize any sort of practical ideological or technological advancement. Cars are driven but no one knows how one works. Most people cannot even change a tire. From phones to nuclear weapons, from democracy to fascism, from computers to reading a book, knowledge has been driven over the cliff like the buffalo herds driven from the plains by slaughter and the natural sin of capricious violence Along with this invasion of

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