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Want to Go to Mars?

MarsTake a look at the Mars program. I hear China is taking kids to a site where there are buildings like the ones might be built on Mars in the middle of a landscape similar to the one on Mars. Isn't that ironic? Why travel to Mars is my question? If you want to build a communal, self-contained "settlement," just start right here on our more friendly Earth, although it's probably true, if we were on Mars, we woudn't have to start killing and committing genocide against the beings that are there before us, but we won't know, will we, before we get there?Columbus statues are being torn down here on Earth while rebel astonauts on Mars might raise the Dixie flag.Americans and the Chinese are looking crazier and crazier aren't they? Along with the Israelites, Russkies, and everybody else that has to do with Republicanisms.Death Valley just registered the hottest temperatures on Earth. Why not build a Disney thing there on Mars? Why can't we forsake that M…

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