I was raised up on the tv cowboy, gray matter tv, rabbit ears, and fuzzy "live" news. Actualization, id, three parts of the mind, the soul. Intersectionality is one of those intellectual euphemisms acknowledged by progressives or woke activists to mean something is connected to not only something else but most of everything else. The range of connection runs the gamut from education, economics, class and race, law enforcement and imprisonment, cultural and social and ethnic exceptionalism, and national supremacy. It's not a new concept, except for the more recent inclusion of analysis of societies that, up to this point, haven't been looked at in their total sectionality, so to speak. America, more or less, is the primary example. The reason for that is America was born capitalist, racist, classist, sexist, but so was practically every other society, tribe, community, nation in the world at the time. However, there was one essential difference between young America a

Book Review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

  The story is about a young, intelligent Nigerian woman who goes to America to go to school more so because America is where young, intelligent Nigerians go. She goes with all the earnestness of a new immigrant, but not a typical immigrant we are used to portraying in our media. She is one of millions from all over the globe who come on student visas, brought up in their own country in whatever middle class standard is prevalent, and are considering staying in America and becoming professionals but, once reality sets in, have a harder time deciding America is not for them. The book is the journey of Ifemelu, a Nigerian woman and details the reasons why young people in Nigeria, specifically, and worldwide, generally, see opportunity in America as a viable opportunity to live better lives. She has a lover in Nigeria who must stay when she leaves but the couple see themselves together, possibly in America, after she gets her education. A sexual assault not long after she arrives in A

2022-2024 With Not Much In-between

  Everyone is looking ahead to the mid-term elections to save us from the Monster who gave us the apprentice. It should be debatable that if anybody who voted for Trump because he was a celebrity should have their citizenship discontinued for a period of time, maybe a special place devoid of tv and digital news. Democracy will not be the squeeky clean savior of us all, especially the type of unrepresentative democracy which is currently in the State of America. It is merely a word secured by the luxuriant gift trappings (ribbons and bows) of political philosophers who give us the impression that the people, whoever they are, the belief that we have a say in what their government does. It belies two truths. One, that the majority is those who care to vote (voice their opinion) and not those who neither choose not to voice their opinions nor simply do not care enough to vote (understanding possibly that it doesn’t matter, the choice fix is in). Secondly, maybe the most important of the

Apocalyptic Cynicism

    April 1, 2022 Apocalyptic Cynicism (Back a few months ago, I read Amid Apocalyptic Cynicism, Lets Embrace Radical Hope in the New Year , the name of an article in Truthout, authored by Henry Giroux, published January 5 th , 2022. I liked the idea of a new language though focusing on Hope to develop that new language seemed worthy of critique, or the need for further discussion. I shared that article with a couple of friends, and we got together on Zoom and talked about the article, hope, change, movements, leadership, and have continued to meet trying to look at what we, as progressives, radicals, revolutionaries have done in the past that’s been successful and what might work in the present to realize a new civil, social system that is both realistic and actual. A new language such as what’s come out of Black Lives Matter resistance. A new language that is defining of our continuing resolve as well as what we need to DO. Language without action is not enough. Action without ca

Authoritarianism and Fascism

  Authoritarianism and fascism. Fascism is not the end of result of political, social and cultural adversity, but a process of interacting authority for controlling the public political narrative that is left up to the independently contrived efforts of those personalities espousing political power as a solution to all political, social, cultural, and natural contradicitions. The doctrines of fascism are mainly opportunistic and have little to do with the contrivances of constitutional, legal, or other acceptable or traditional methods for enacting change. In this way fascism is a revolutionary premise for both right and left wing efforts to enact radical change. In pre-mussolini italy both socialists and fascists marched and rioted, sometimes within blocks of each other. Both explored and improvised by marching, striking, violence toward each other, against government, at the same time as appealing to a generally inactive, stagnant public to act. Most modern day dictators and ev

The Enemy Within

The enemy within Yes, Merica is always at war, engaged in war, prepared for war, starts war, but where is the real battlefield? Right here in Merica's homeland. Where every day there are casualties, deaths, threats from weapons of war wielded by an unrecognized, ill-defined enemy, embedded it's own citizenry, embellished by illusions of grandeur and arrogance. This enemy can only be characterized by it's motto, "I have the right to defend myself", a microcosmic variation of the larger nation's mantra, "we have the right to defend ourselves." In Merica, self-defense and security are of paramount concern. A nation filled with laws on the books but one of the most lawless places on earth, plenty of opportunity for greed, corruption, capital adventurism, and, of course, lawless defense of the right that makes might. We are rafah. Our nation will only protect its corporate, nationalistic, and imperial interests. It is time

My Debunking

  Sometimes i think its my sole purpose in life to debunk commonly held beliefs. It does take a certain amount of arrogance, i suppose, to do this but i also think that its those commonly held, yet unproven, beliefs are what hold us back from, not only self-realizations about the world we each live in and for, but also which keep us as human beings from ever understanding the dire dilemna we are in. Take for instance, the belief that good overcomes evil. This belief is riddled with the rapid fire of religious and  spiritual hope, more or less, justified when common people had, and continue to have, one recourse and shelter from the onslaught of Men's ability to usurp the collective spirit of hope and turn it into their own pleasure-greed, power, domination-and convert the power of a just and omniescient god into the cynicism of violence without repercussions. When i was a young man i read Exodus, the story of the fight for the state of israel. The story was the gallant and hero