Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press is a relative right, totally dependent on whether or not the government believes the truth is effective, or how much we will believe what the truth is  as administered through major news sources. Since many journalists in russia and other nations have been imprisoned for what the western media says is opposition to the ukrainian war. 

Ironically, most international news coming to us news outlets is certainly swayed by cia but in the short run, american journalists are as impotent in forming opinion as any other non american journalist. If you take two distinct wars initiated by the two most powerful nuclear powers, russia and the us, ukraine and iraq respectfully. Both wars completely illegal within international law, both based on lies or justifications considered both immoral and imperialistic.

Afghanistan has the mishonor this international women's day as the most repressive society against women. Gender apartheid or home imprisonment. No access to public life. Apartheid, the new slavery.

The us believes in apartheid. As one of the last countries to acknowledge apartheid in south africa, apartheid is fascism, the new imperialism, sanctions, the new imperialism, imperialism, the new New. 

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