For coyote

For coyote. This is for you. You are who once was given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, plague and by any means necessary, the beasts of the earth.

I am not of the sword and only a victim of famine as all my brethren, women and children are, and as for the the plague, i am immune but for the fleas, but yes, the beasts, i am their creator, not the lord that claims us, and i will defend them against the wishes of the cruel men and gods who deny them.or is it. Otherwise why bother

Then there is religious deception, war, famine, pestilence

To think that after all this the earth will be renewed and it is hard to imagine the king of kings will change anything, black people enslaved, gay people stoned, rich people greed. Or is it? Otherwise, why bother. The sin in the world is the slavers, the warmongers, the haters, the cruel, and the voluntary ignorant. 

So when he comes calling you, dont answer unless he promises not to harm you, though you still trust him, with the cache of all your beautiful memories.  

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