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The zelensky-media celebrity sub-culture

The dud rate and the moral supremacy majority. The zelensky-media celebrity sub-culture is an interesting phenom. Heres a guy, a former comedian, i guess one has to do something in life, before becoming a politician, who seems like he has no power whatssoever but gets the most powerful countries in the world to supply weapons and fighting resources just because he's involved in the latest homelands wars. Every war is a homeland war, either protection of the homeland from another adversary, no matter how far away that adversary is, theres always the chance they can reach you. I hate the word intersectionality. I know it was "discovered" by a well known and respected black feminist so just from that it has creedence. The main reason why i hate it is because its just another iteration of the reiteration that oppression, like society in general, makes us all connected. White men and philosophers have been saying the same thing for centuries and loo


A good christian man Pat robertson- rih He moved us ever closer to the apocalypse, a true apocalypse man, full of hate and the glory of the gold purse. Worship the homeless because they have given up everything except collecting the refuse of the middle class and like a pack rat, stack it around them, like the masses do their armies. When the fight comes to them they will fight like hell, like from the alamo, and the young ideologues will return home to the type of living their criticism of their childhood has forsaken. It will all crumble but not before it takes alot more down with it, like the drowning nation will grab unto alot of straw dogs to stay afloat and the lifeboats, yeah, the lifeboats, youll be hard pressed to find one. There'll be standing on the deck, waving white flags, crying for help, as even the upper decks go under, nice mahagony decks and all. Its the titanic were on. Pat robertson was the captain, praying that there isnt an ic

The carceral society

Carceral society There is an argument to be made about the inability of our society to come to resolvable terms with the insane nation we have become.   Over time we became the nation with the most incarcerated people of the world, a fact seeming forgotten by amnesty international to try and put a spin on much poorer nations incapable of eliminating their poverty and inequality, by giving the richest nation, thats what they tell us anyway, a pass. Yet, the inability of a nation with such high idealistic goals has rurned into a nation of an open insane asylum where mental cases ( defined as overzealous protectors of "freedom", act freely to disrupt, murder, confuse, commit violence. What about the homeless?, you might ask. The homeless are just the   Eye of the storm, the maelstrom, the prometheum task upon which all our ideals are wrecked, much like slavery, indigenous genocide, segrgation, war, all have, at one time, been and continue to be, tho

The Universe Looks Pretty Good From Here

  The universe looks pretty good from here. Why do we want to go mess everything up out there too. We just want to fick everything up. There's already a stratospheric layer of scrap metal and radioactive waste circling above us ready to fall anytime gravity says so. I know a few artists that would love to turn that into something more akin to art rather than leaving it chicken little artifice. The sky is falling. Or it will be. Trump. The Prince. Netanyahu may be the harbingers we've been secretly waiting for but don't recognize until it's too late or. All three have that stupid glazed look of ignorance and hate. If there's any Jew in America who is still thankful for the 1948 Accords that gave Israel a homeland and the reason to isolate themselves from the outside world with walls many neo fascists will shake their hand for lending a hand in the biggest suicide mission in history outside of lemming biological tendencies anyway. If the world isn't going back to

The futility of intellect

The futility of intellect is one of the built in institutionalized limits of actual ideas bring together change, especially social change. Those smart people who write big tomes about race, such as Stamped from the Beginning or the Climate Change Book cant realize the almost impossibility of figuring out that there is no intellectual or literary nor visual effect striking enough to be able to change anyones mind, especially those who are racist or climate change deniers or whatever it is that holds them hostage. It would take a particular type of person who cant imagine what the life of a slave could have been like, much less, read a book such as stamped from the beginning, and not say, yes, it has always been that way. It would take another type of person who watches the crops being ruined by drought, or the rivers flood their home and just say, "but for the grace of god, go i" or just having a streak of bad luck, or not being able to see through smoke