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Election of 2012

Election of 2012  

There are only a few

Recorded -blogThere   are only a few actual issues in the world that are repeated often enough, over and over, throughout history, it seems to anyone in the present, wherever that present may be, disguised as something new by modern technolgy and conventional wisdom, it may all seem new. Because History doesnt reflect reality of the historical moment, being built on whoever is in power and managing the interpretation of the moment, reality always seems to contain a strong element of unresolved, complicated nuances. This is, mainly, because over the course of centuries, men have controlled the narrative through their religions and insistence that nations, governments are the most ordinate of authority, next to god. In the rare occurance when a woman or man who understands what limits power inherantly has, that it normally corrupts, these have been unable to do little to change the discourse to a more real relationship between government and governed. They are, firs

Critique on the Revolutions Reported or Be Careful What You Ask For.

  I’ve been critical of the so called ‘revolutions’ taking place around the globe recently, including the Occupy movement of a couple of years ago. The so called social media revolutions because they were built on the availability of social media to engage many people that may not have ever been engaged. As we’ve seen the revolutions in Northern Africa slip from the news, the Occupy Movement slip from having any relevance at all, and Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and other nation states, some newsworthy and some not, slip into and out of chaos, my criticism seems well founded. I’m only critical of how all these mass movements became reported, analyzed, and prognosticated by the media which supposedly supported or reported on them. We have reached a point in our history where mass media (free press) has been accepted as the main stay of a free society, such as we like to describe ours, without any real criticism as to whether or not it is really free. The disclosures of Wikileaks and “whis

Worship of Hope

The worship of hope and the denial of contradiction is probably the anarchist greatest dilemna. Anarchism is more of a state of mind than a well regulated   political theory that constantly is straitjacketed with unchanging definitions and rigid constructs about how to organize a movement. Like communism and not capitalism, anarchism is reliant upon the natural human desire to buck authoritarian trends rather than establishing progressive political trends and agendas. And like all philosophy, anarchism is based on some sort of moral, social etiquette but being anti- authoritarian rather than authoritarian in nature is well suited to breaking away from stale and unsuccessful attempts to revolutionize society. And it is only revolution that will change social constructs, which are only progressive if pliable and changeable. Once, someone puts up a fence, as Voltaire says, and the others go around rather than through, the revolution is dead until the fence comes down.

Gods Little Savage

Gods little savage, Every now and then you get a good one, one that treats you right, feeds you regularly, gives you attention, those you try and hang on to for as long as you can, but, as you know, deep down inside, its going to be over, somethings going to go wrong, and you dread what might be coming next, some wild animal maybe, kill or be killed, eat fucking live bloody food, the foods on the ground, writhing, just like on the discovery channel, or maybe you go from that good time to something more horrific, like consciousness of yourself, how tenable and fragile everything is, maybe you have empathy, fighting between cynicism and hope, sometimes thats hell too. Once that happens, you cant forget how good or how bad it can be, everything becomes carceral, containment, trying to escape the one and embrace the other, again, never completely understanding how you got here, to this moment, feeling trapped. Of course, now, being able to write it, youve done that