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Stop Standing Around

Stop Standing Around Here we are. We, the american people get to play the german people, get to dress up our consciousness for genocide denial. Are there even words strong enough, we've spent our collective hubris already. Some 13 or so saudi terrorists crashed planes into the towers, the pentagon, a field in pennsylvania and the people of afghanistan paid the price, the people of iraq were thrown in for good measure and last week america threw in with the twisted dictatorial netanyahu. America is Revenge. Saudi Arabia never saw a bomb, a plane, tank, had its water shut off, its food supply, its white flowing robe empire stripped clean. This week we supported and encouraged the wrong nation to do what it has wanted since 1948. The arabs knew it in 1967 and 1973, that the zionists have eyed the entire region. The Zionist are not the Taliban nor Hamas, though they are not any more exemplary. Their treatment of women is just as foul, their egalitarianism still bound by prejudices form

Cruel and Sadistic Men

These are cruel and sadistic men who run the world, With their blind, deaf, and mute see no evil accomplices. There is no religion, philosophy, no common sense that goes beyond the politic, displacing these revengeful minds who rule the world. The mentality oppressing all of us, psychological, where the oppressed become the oppressor. Violence begets violence. An eye for an eye. The siege begins. No time to bury the dead. The. Mourning is Revenge is the mourning. Empathy for those like us, death for those who are not. Empathy, patriotism, abstractions through false authoritarian assumptions Sending gaza to the stone ages from which it never emerged. The chosen people. Israel already in the stone ages. The stone ages are more than technolgy, suits and ties, its in the head, man. Its in the heads of men who rule this world. Zionism is jewish supremacy, nazi turned on its head. Netanyatu speaks like he is Zarathustra. Or the pale horse. The destroyer

Ralph Nader

Thank you ralph nader for finally breaking your own truth. When asked by amy goodman if it was true what nyt said you were supporting democratic party, you denied this, saying what you said was when it comes down to deciding who to vote for, you'd choose the autocracy of the democratic party over the fascism of the republican party, going on to say that to support fascism is to support the continued domination of the corporate class, the severance of social justice from ideals of equality. Autocracy, you said, at least keeps hope alive for change.  I say, how? Well, ralph and i say this sadly, you forgot hopefully temporarily, that it wasn't fascism that got us to here but autocracy, corruption, greed, is what brought us, led on by both democrats and republicans alike. If i get an opportunity to vote for cornel west i will vote for him, like i voted for you in 2000. And th

Savage Gods

Savage Gods by paul kingsnorth The evangelist and the poet. Poetry has become the talk of ideas but not revolutionaries. Can we not speak, can we stop from knowing everything. The language smothers everything we cherish, such as the silence, such as the pure thought, the unobstructed connection to our soul. I dont know if its just in america, or the western world, or throughout the world but do we all really want to sue the smoker next door whose smoke comes across the fence, or imprison the homeless but not the makers of war and weapons. The silliness of it all. The jurisprudence society, the law of the land out of hand. Its true for me, much of what i write comes out of outrage or spite or even revenge, in thought if not in deed. Can we all just shut up and still be friends? Can we all just stop ourselves from "knowing", wanting to know all about the things we have absolutely no control over, such as the