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Welcome to Say la V

Welcome to Say la V Well, I hope I'm not to late to influence the election. I've been busy and although writing feverishly on many topics, including about all these candidates, which actually worked out pretty well, cuz now there's less of em, and after a couple of weeks, a couple of primaries there might be even less. In a way it's too bad because sometimes it's entertaining as hell with them in the background of every little trauma America is suffering right now, such as the stock market falling, all those damned wars. Everyone keeps saying we're the best country in the world yet everyone keeps saying how many problems we got, the answer to that being, we'll despite our problems we're still the best in the world, and we're all glad we live here because if we're the best then the rest of the world is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket. There is no doubt we have the biggest arsenal and in todays world that's all that matters.