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Nuclear Hell

 ( If anyone thinks nuclear energy, and it's warfare connected residue) is going away anytime soon, please go to the back of the line of already blown innocence. Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries (Updated May 2017) Over 45 countries are actively considering embarking upon nuclear power programs. These range from sophisticated economies to developing nations. The front runners are UAE, Turkey, Belarus, and Poland. Nuclear power is planned in over 20 countries which do not currently have it, and under some level of consideration in over 20 more (in a few, consideration is not necessarily at government level). In the following list, links are provided for those countries that are covered by specific country papers where the nuclear power prospects are more fully dealt with: In Europe:  Italy , Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Norway,  Poland ,  Belarus , Estonia, Latvia, Ireland,  Turkey . In the Middle East and North Africa: Gulf st

A Valentine

The other day, Valentine's Day as a matter of fact I was listening to V (formerly Eve Ensler) on Democracy Now and got myself to thinking about Black History Month, Valentines Day, Jen Angel and David Harris, all in one big lump sum CONCEPTUAL alphabet soup and like the infernal infinite number of monkeys I managed to tie myself into that universe. And all was good. I wrote. To V, Jen Angel and David Harris Whatever vanity i had in me rhen,   Has hopefully evaporated from my soul, and left me, if not a better man, at least, a lessor one. And that is Good in a funny sort of way. Love, that love rising from a violent free world, a love whereby, my socialized manly tendencies must be thwarted, for in them are contained all the fragments of my own oppression, as well as my oppression of them, the women and all the others who in the society I was naively raised in have had to endure. The revolution within a revolution within a revolution that starts right her

The earth will be here

The earth will be here, long after we're gone, some of us in a long shot rocket man scenario to continue the wreckage we have wrought bringin it into some far-off distant star, like columbus all over again. If the bible got anyone right, it was him in the garden of paradise, the tree of life with its luscious fruit tempting eve, a godforsaken apple tree, how many of those were around then, it must have been surely fate, that from that tree adam and eve. ate I heard that there's been a recent intergalactic intrusion on the earth, the defense department kept its mouth shut until they figure how they can retrieve a few small intrastellar fragments on the bottom of the sea. But someone found them out, the secret is finally out. Will some montrous mountainlike being rise from the dark sea while we're not looking We humans never stop coming up with ways to silence the grandeur that surrounds us. They'll kill you with talk about capitalism and some so


Its not news The continual local and national news programs that believe that consumerism, product display, and promotions for shops, restaurants, and events are news. Neither is dedicating two full days to the travails of a political prisoner in egypt at the international cop27 oil lobby conference in cairo egypt by democracy now.   The main problem with the type of news that caters to human interest news is that it plays to general authoritarian silence of news relevant to the major national and international policies which influence common people in any nation. There is a belief fostered in authoritarian cultures that what happens in government/national policy making are not interesting nor relevant to common citizens. Yes, we are. News January 29, 2023 Let it be. Pope Francis has said homosexuality is not a crime but a sin. Lgbtqi people, please dont try to convince the church it is not a sin. If you really want to remain in the catholic church, or any church fo

American Justice is a snails pace to hell

So lets say that there is a palestinian american journalist, maybe the most prominent journalist in arab world and she is shot dead by the israeli military. There is very little media reporting (except by democracy now), hardly any inquiry by american authorities, repeated changes in the israeli response, and NO american outrage.   Months later, an iranian woman is murdered by iranian authorities for not wearing her hijab properly. This tragedy is followed by not only iranian outrage in the form of national protests but severe reprimand by american authorities to show how dictatorial and oppressive the iranian authorities are. This contrast is merely to demonstrate a universal impunity to not only israeli policy against the palestinian but the continued hype of american exceptionalism. It is not enough for left wing/neo-liberal news media and state officials to just cover the news with possible implied criticism of american, israeli, and other nation states ju


News jan 29 w2023 Let it be. Pope francis has said homosexuality is not a crime but a sin. Lgbtqi people, please dont try to convince the church it is not a sin. If you really want to remain in the catholic church, or any church for that matter, so insist on being exempt from religious "sin" then you are wasting your time. Cant we just hope that sin and law   continue to remain separate and unequal. Unless youre going to bring god into the discussion, then that might be something im willing to listen to. Because inflation goes down the higher rent, higher interest rates, the higher costs of food, medicine, gas, dont retreat to their previous levels but will remain higher than before inflationary pressures. Not only that, the federal government is implicit in its cooperation with landlord and owner associations, giving them stipends, funds,   And economic support. Three cop murders, israeli apartheid becomes even more fiolent, mass protests planne