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i wish i was a river


Science and More Gadgetry

  Science and Gadgets  . Science has been the double- edge doppleganger sword for every good and evil technological ill in the modern world. We’re so fascinated by gadgets that we are told improve our lives just one little bit yet, nonetheless, we’ve made some indispensable to our daily routines. Gadgetry fascination is about the same as catnip to a cat. Pretty soon we’ll be enchanted by such new technologies as robot and drone delivery systems (for packages under 5lbs) sponsored by Amazon and Google; another Google invention, a windshield wiper that comes on when it rains. Whoopy!! Of course, the driverless car is becoming a part of our lexicon reality before it actually is a real reality. If they’re going to change the way people drive as well as the entire way we’re going to drive the vehicles themselves, the roads management, all that, but still complain that making a car that won’t burn fossil fuels, I’d say they’re not being that serious about global warming or eliminating the

What is a person.?

  What is a person. A person is one who has universal rights. A corporation is a person A set of cells is a person. A nation is a person A palestinian isnt a person. A queer is not a person. And depending on where you are in the world and who you are, you may or may not be a person. Who creates personhood? The supreme court creates. The congress creates The scientific community creates. The religious communities create Christians point to the declaration of independence as a reference that we are "one nation under god" perhaps but not governed by god. Whos writing the us script? Biden confusing gaza aid with ukraine. Kamala saying very precisely, cease fire in gaza and while people clap, she says, "within the next six weeks, with the conditions currently on the table." Conditions hamas has already said they wont accept.

I remember

  I remember when the american people were outraged when saddam hussein invaded kuwait decades ago, and the father of our country and the cia told us that iraqi soldiers were killing babies in incubators and for that the invasion began. And now we hear our ally, israel, if i must say say its name, commits atrocities against what some would call arbitrary "international law" against babies and innocent civilians. Does the anti- choice contingent in american politics raise its voice in concern and empathy? No. Why not? Because in america morality is based on the arbitrary political whims of those who have socialized us, embedded in us an obscure fear and an even more ambiguous reactive violence, like a dog who is trained to respond to rewards and commands of violence. Oh, what a sweet nature that is! The american people. 375 million strong, composed of babies ripe for exploitation, fears and prejudices and privileged and spoiled and dreamy ambitious an


 Technology The age of the gizmo. That starts in the dirt of many nations where children, men, and women scrounge for cobalt, titanium, gold, diamonds and other precious resources which will be the beginnings of the  The gizmo connected to the whatchamacallit, inserted into the thingamachig, which when complete, goes to peoria to be hooked up to the gadget, which came from a factory in hoboken, welded to the dogeared sheet, attached via remote control ai to a chip, manufactured in silicon valley, configured and detoxified by a technician in reno nevada, driven to las vegas, stored until further use. Heres to all the men and women so far detached from what they do, congratulations, you have just built a weapon which will eventually be used to kill, maim, and destroy human flesh or maybe the man or woman who made the gizmo. The cogs in the machine that keep industry rolling along. Cog immigrants. If i'm an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, why do i want to see millions of people for

“Green Mining” Won’t Prevent Ecological Damage by Global Rush for Raw Materials | Truthout  

Pollution Crisis in Mexico Shows Limits of Plastic Bag Bans in Global Capitalism | Truthout  

How Can Everyone Be?


The Toads

The Toads According to the standard   english language dictionary, a toad is a member of the amphibian/frog buFonidae family characterized by dry leathery skin, short legs and large warty bumps covering its body. A common toad's lifespan is 10-12 years, unless they try and cross a major thoroughfare when they emerge from their wintery shelters. On the other side of the toad coin is the human toad who, according to the dictionary of american slang, uses flattery and cajoling to gain familiarity and favor with a superior, or one who acts as a lackey to his superiors. In order not to disparage the toad who i used to be very familiar with while living around farmland, rivers, creeks, and wide-open spaces of rural sacramento, what i have to say about the toad like behavior of politicians, world leaders, and corporate bosses, though its hard sometimes to differentiate between who's bossing/cajoling who in the world of big finance, corporate greed, and

Don't Want No More War, No More.

 The primary election is over. Here locally it is hardly noticeable. Our one socialist on the city council has gone the way of every one out of eight or so councilmembers in every us city, the heat of israel-hamas burning the principled, like Lots wife, looking back at what she'd miss, leaving ash. The US has backed itself into another corner of contradiction. Railing against Russia violation of Ukraine while for decades meowing at Israel for its settler expansion and now has to deal with Netanyahu on His terms, like Zelensky deals with Putin. A history rewrite would look like this. Back in such and such year, the US makes it clear to Israel that the conditions upon which they were provided a homeland at the expense of the indigenous population (which also included Jews, Arabs, nomadic peoples, palestinians, who got relatively well, or along as well as possible without the interference of guilt stricken western nations, as people do before settlers and armies throw everything into

Its not news

It's not news The continual local and national news programs that believe that consumerism, product display, and promotions for shops, restaurants, and events are news. Neither is dedicating two full days to the travails of a political prisoner in egypt at the international cop27 oil lobby conference in Cairo Egypt by democracy now.   The main problem with the type of news that caters to human interest news is that it plays to general authoritarian silence of news relevant to the major national and international policies which influence common people in any nation. There is a belief fostered in authoritarian cultures that what happens in government/national policy making are not interesting nor relevant to common citizens. Yes, we are. Sent from my iPad

Don't Obey

  Don't Obey   It’s the people who obey the orders who scare me Not the ones who give them, those you can ignore. It’s the obedient, whose conscience is devoid of reasoning. For when consent is based on authority alone Freedom and true democracy cannot reign, REAL Democracy is merely giving temporary consent, each time, Not relegating power, forever.


 I was raised up on the tv cowboy, gray matter tv, rabbit ears, and fuzzy "live" news. Actualization, id, three parts of the mind, the soul. Intersectionality is one of those intellectual euphemisms acknowledged by progressives or woke activists to mean something is connected to not only something else but most of everything else. The range of connection runs the gamut from education, economics, class and race, law enforcement and imprisonment, cultural and social and ethnic exceptionalism, and national supremacy. It's not a new concept, except for the more recent inclusion of analysis of societies that, up to this point, haven't been looked at in their total sectionality, so to speak. America, more or less, is the primary example. The reason for that is America was born capitalist, racist, classist, sexist, but so was practically every other society, tribe, community, nation in the world at the time. However, there was one essential difference between young America a

Book Review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

  The story is about a young, intelligent Nigerian woman who goes to America to go to school more so because America is where young, intelligent Nigerians go. She goes with all the earnestness of a new immigrant, but not a typical immigrant we are used to portraying in our media. She is one of millions from all over the globe who come on student visas, brought up in their own country in whatever middle class standard is prevalent, and are considering staying in America and becoming professionals but, once reality sets in, have a harder time deciding America is not for them. The book is the journey of Ifemelu, a Nigerian woman and details the reasons why young people in Nigeria, specifically, and worldwide, generally, see opportunity in America as a viable opportunity to live better lives. She has a lover in Nigeria who must stay when she leaves but the couple see themselves together, possibly in America, after she gets her education. A sexual assault not long after she arrives in A

2022-2024 With Not Much In-between

  Everyone is looking ahead to the mid-term elections to save us from the Monster who gave us the apprentice. It should be debatable that if anybody who voted for Trump because he was a celebrity should have their citizenship discontinued for a period of time, maybe a special place devoid of tv and digital news. Democracy will not be the squeeky clean savior of us all, especially the type of unrepresentative democracy which is currently in the State of America. It is merely a word secured by the luxuriant gift trappings (ribbons and bows) of political philosophers who give us the impression that the people, whoever they are, the belief that we have a say in what their government does. It belies two truths. One, that the majority is those who care to vote (voice their opinion) and not those who neither choose not to voice their opinions nor simply do not care enough to vote (understanding possibly that it doesn’t matter, the choice fix is in). Secondly, maybe the most important of the