Slavery and patriarchy should be is the dinosaur that ravages america and the western world god that evolved out of it. America will be the lumbering, outdated monstrosity that fell, not by asteroid nor disease, nor egg marauding clever rats, but felled by its own masculine ingenuity, incongruity.

The claim, " we didnt know" it was so bad, the wasteland america left behind.

To think "profit incentive commerce" runs the world because of its creation of genocide, war, slavery, patriarchal force is at best its own planting of seeds of destruction for them and worst, all of us must go, in order for us to know if there is any reason to live other than for our own comfort.

Behind every war, behind every abortion, right to choose fight is a religion. We're still living the old testament nightmares.

The apocalypse of women, the apocalypse of the slave, the apocalypse of children, the apocalypse of the poor. Some of us can get by, say its not so bad nor even bad at all, and im not one to push the guilt for doing better than most, but just the same, we live in a world of luck and being born into a world we didnt choose.

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