The litany of ignorance

If during all discussions of any issue the entire lexicon of social, cultural, and political abuse has to be itemized and verbalized ad nauseum as a preamble to any negotiation, discussion, conversation to the extreme point of 

Form of language euthanization then there is certainly a lack of real communication going on.

Gay, straight, black, latinex, carbon neutral, net zero, man, woman, lgbtq, poor, middle class, working class, we all must endure this litany as some sort of a progressive mantra, opening the intellectual door to supposedly akin to let the light shine in. I understand intersectionality, a popular word to describe interconnectedness of all life and its problems but in all honesty trying to deal with intersectionality is just creating a collision course, no red lights, man. The underlying cause of all problems is, guess what, us. It doesnt matter what continent you live on, what race you are, what religion or what sex you are or want to be, we're all the same mess of fun, beauty, and illusion.

Whoever invented the gun, bomb, did us no good, even for those who had to shoot bears and wolves or die. It was and is always inevitable we're going to turn our destructive instincts against each other.

Once all the indigenous tribes, communities, made up their own rules for behavior, we will never go forward to universal love, or even cooperation.

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