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Israel and Exceptionalism

I think we can look at the highly intelligent, highly resilient, highly resourceful nation of israel as an example of democracy and exceptionalism gone haywire based on one belief, that being, the superiority/ supremacy of their existence based on an imaginative proclamation of a god with a personality which, uncoincidentally, acts just like them. The horse before the carrot sort of thing. Israel, of course, is not alone. Many of the current world powers and many of all nation states, whether tribal societies or sophisticated, technologically advanced, like Dubai, have demonstrated the same tendency, basing their superiority on messages from some god who happens to mirror that particular people cultural, religious atrocities. As we know, if anyone of us started using god as a reason for doing whatever we want, it would be short-lived and disastrous and declared mentally insane. Any fool who espouses such theory needs authoritarian power, that is, power entrenc

Top Secret

The law has always been more about governance of the oppressed. And belief in the illusion that the law gives us freedom rather than takes it away. It's a Secret how the law really works. Does the world need so many lawyers, justices, and enforcers? It's like the proverbial infinite number of monkeys typing out the entire repertoire of jurisprudence. There is no rule of law for the rich and those in power. The percentage of the top one percent being punished is absolute zero. Trials for treason at the top go on and on and wind up on the cutting room floor, usually with monetary slaps on the wrist while people like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and many others waste away.  If Julian Assange had just put those documents he obtained into his garage, house, mansion, he could have saved himself alot of trouble. What was in those precious documents is no longer a secret and, in fact, no one, except a few liberals, certainly no one in congress or the presidency


Is it any wonder we're the most paranoid culture on earth. don't believe me. think about it. we're a culture  that believes everybody we deem important is watching us. God (for obvious reasons, heaven or hell  being at stake, Santa Claus ( he knows if you've been bad or good).the tooth fairy ( how else would it  know who has teeth under the pillow?), the government (mostly because of taxes, security and safety (for  them), let's see who or what else is watching over me, how about every fucking camera in every store and  street corner, they're all watching you. in fact, I'm watching you, and you, and you, all of me is watching you. Sent from my iPad

FDR, "Economic Bill of Rights," 1944,%20Economic%20Bill%20of%20Rights.html Sent from my iPad

Reflections On Evil by Frederick Foote

Reflections On Evil