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Apocalyptic Cynicism

    April 1, 2022 Apocalyptic Cynicism (Back a few months ago, I read Amid Apocalyptic Cynicism, Lets Embrace Radical Hope in the New Year , the name of an article in Truthout, authored by Henry Giroux, published January 5 th , 2022. I liked the idea of a new language though focusing on Hope to develop that new language seemed worthy of critique, or the need for further discussion. I shared that article with a couple of friends, and we got together on Zoom and talked about the article, hope, change, movements, leadership, and have continued to meet trying to look at what we, as progressives, radicals, revolutionaries have done in the past that’s been successful and what might work in the present to realize a new civil, social system that is both realistic and actual. A new language such as what’s come out of Black Lives Matter resistance. A new language that is defining of our continuing resolve as well as what we need to DO. Language without action is not enough. Action without ca

Authoritarianism and Fascism

  Authoritarianism and fascism. Fascism is not the end of result of political, social and cultural adversity, but a process of interacting authority for controlling the public political narrative that is left up to the independently contrived efforts of those personalities espousing political power as a solution to all political, social, cultural, and natural contradicitions. The doctrines of fascism are mainly opportunistic and have little to do with the contrivances of constitutional, legal, or other acceptable or traditional methods for enacting change. In this way fascism is a revolutionary premise for both right and left wing efforts to enact radical change. In pre-mussolini italy both socialists and fascists marched and rioted, sometimes within blocks of each other. Both explored and improvised by marching, striking, violence toward each other, against government, at the same time as appealing to a generally inactive, stagnant public to act. Most modern day dictators and ev

The Enemy Within

The enemy within Yes, Merica is always at war, engaged in war, prepared for war, starts war, but where is the real battlefield? Right here in Merica's homeland. Where every day there are casualties, deaths, threats from weapons of war wielded by an unrecognized, ill-defined enemy, embedded it's own citizenry, embellished by illusions of grandeur and arrogance. This enemy can only be characterized by it's motto, "I have the right to defend myself", a microcosmic variation of the larger nation's mantra, "we have the right to defend ourselves." In Merica, self-defense and security are of paramount concern. A nation filled with laws on the books but one of the most lawless places on earth, plenty of opportunity for greed, corruption, capital adventurism, and, of course, lawless defense of the right that makes might. We are rafah. Our nation will only protect its corporate, nationalistic, and imperial interests. It is time

My Debunking

  Sometimes i think its my sole purpose in life to debunk commonly held beliefs. It does take a certain amount of arrogance, i suppose, to do this but i also think that its those commonly held, yet unproven, beliefs are what hold us back from, not only self-realizations about the world we each live in and for, but also which keep us as human beings from ever understanding the dire dilemna we are in. Take for instance, the belief that good overcomes evil. This belief is riddled with the rapid fire of religious and  spiritual hope, more or less, justified when common people had, and continue to have, one recourse and shelter from the onslaught of Men's ability to usurp the collective spirit of hope and turn it into their own pleasure-greed, power, domination-and convert the power of a just and omniescient god into the cynicism of violence without repercussions. When i was a young man i read Exodus, the story of the fight for the state of israel. The story was the gallant and hero

Think Outside the Box


HPD-Historyonic Personality Disorder

  We’re all imbued with HPD, make the best of it. After all, even as history and hysterical march onward together hand in hand, like lemmings to the sea, leaving even the most temporarily celebrated of us long dead, cremated, flown, blown and dispersed, like common stars, there are more of them than grains of sand on all the beaches in our world, you know? If stars can be so commonplace then certainly, we, as lonely billions can stand out and up while we can, in gods flighty hand, we will be replaced, By the ticking sands of time, only momentarily remembered by others dreams and awakening crimes.   There’s not a nation in the world in which you can loudly criticize the government, including this one, my country tis of thee, America is my country, my stamps prove it. I get the proofs before i open my eyes, Imagine it, i am stamped, "grade a prime us merican citizen material (provided i pass the gender, race, class, and immigration tests with high marks). SATISFACTORY! 

God's Special Little Beast

  God’s Special Little Beast Karl Marx was probably a genius, as Charles Darwin probably was also. Anyone who can go against the mistaken assumptions of what was current popular trends has to either be a genius or a fool or both. So here I go, being foolish or a genius, but certainly not trendy. Marx and social thinkers like him, including anarchists all made the mistake, continue to make the mistake of assuming that consciousness (or knowledge) overcomes the time constraints of evolution. Evolution, on the other hand, doesn't involve itself with time. It's purely opportunistic and has no particular end game in mind, no preserving of the human race because it is chosen or thinks it is. Humans like to believe we have some special purpose, after all, why are we here and since we seem to be the only species that asks itself that, or tells itself it has some special significance, we conclude it must be because of a god’s preference or because we have a special purpose. Unfort

Sunday Morning Sermon-written in 2012

    Another The More Things Change, the More It Remains the Same History The Contenders Yesterday Gingrich  won the SC Primary thus throwing another monkey wrench into the Mitt Romney Presidential nomination race. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for this pitiful bunch of presidential contenders. it's the worst bunch of characters I've ever seen. And to think one of them will be the nominee running against an unpopular but relatively nice guy who has done nothing to change the conservative think tank called america. When the chips are down the money will go with the incumbent. But wait. I've been wrong before. OK many times. In 1968 I was running with a liberal crowd, which is the only name that passes for revolutionary change in this nation, and we were amassing hundreds of thousands of people at demonstrations, pep political rallies, and concerts. The liberal agenda was on the march. Anti-war, civil rights, abortion rights, women's rights, we were on the move.

The Prophet of Dystopia At Rest- An Answer to a Question of Integrity

  Yvon Grenier- Associate Professor of Political Science at St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, former editor of Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies The Prophet of Dystopia at Rest: Margaret Atwood in Cuba Atwood allowed herself to become a compliant guest in a country that checks almost all the boxes of totalitarianism, minus extensive terror: a single-party state, no rule of law, arbitrary arrests (2,000 of them during the first eight months of last year), stultifying media (even Raúl Castro says so), and a regime of censorship that allows no freedom of speech, association, and only limited freedom of movement; a country with half-empty bookstores selling the same few official writers and hagiographies of the dear leaders. I’m going out on a limb here but I am going to assume Yvon writes under the auspices of the Catholic Church, either as a Catholic community member or as an affiliate of the Catholic University he represents. So if you think my

Fbi spy

News feb 2023 If anyone thought the fbi stopped spying on activists after their destruction of the black panther party and anti war activists or after the chief henchman- j edgar hoover-not gonna happen, never happened. Now the fbi has raised its ugly head in the black lives matter and if you think thats all they spied on, never gonna happen, never happened. Theyre out there, watching, taking notes. And if you think those notes are never going to be used, then you are mistaken. The government is watching, always watching, and always has been. Like racism, domestic surveillance can be taken for granted. Are there any courageous cops? It appears not. The corruption in policing extends beyond its community violent, gangster mentality. Modern Policing as well as modern gunman mentality comes out of southern militia patrolling and trolling for escaping slaves and family values. Later, the police became first line defense for political corruption, mafia and