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Old News/New News, Whats the Difference?

  Old News 12/16/15 The Pentagons recent decision to build a string of military bases in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East seems like a perfect opportunity for the United States to fully realize it’s world- wide domination and subjugation of everyone. Most countries can barely think about building a compost heap without going through the United States approval process, which usually entails sending John Kerry and a UN representative. Building more military bases is tantamount to acknowledging the eternal war concept but not really conquer any terrorist networks developing anywhere in the world. Back in the day, liberation philosophies were the order of the day so if not military bases to contain the presumed communist threat and developing CIA connections to contain the minority insurrections were the order of the day. Unfortunately, the US can no longer differentiate between liberation, democratic movements, public protest and the surreal definition they have of terrorism.