George Santos-The Newest Member of the Liars Club, USA

George Santos.

The lord works in strange ways.

George Santos gets elected based on a made up past and present.

We are incensed more and more as george santos past is exposed in such a way as to make it seem he represents the worst of politics, the worst of liars, the worst of representative democracy.

We are insensed. Progressive, radical, revolutionary alike. Common people alike. Embarrased, humiliated those who supported him, elected him.

We are incensed. The news media feeds us the straw dog and we want revenge, matches to strike the flame.

Where does all this self-righteousness come from?

Backstory, we just "celebrated" twenty years of iraq war, in two years we will be inundated with the re discovery of the vietnam war, almost seven years seven years since 2016 election of donald trump, eight years after the election of the disappointing social worker, first black president in us history, sixteen years after the saxaphone playing, charm of bill clinton, after the mediocre actor, friendly neo-liberal ronald reagan, and the list goes on.

While uncovering the twenty years in iraq we can discover on our own the complicit democrats, such as joe biden, the complicit powerful elites of bush, cheney, rumsfeld, powell lies and deceit.

In 2016, the election of donald trump despite persistent sexual, economic, truthless promiscuity, and some of us say, it wasnt me, and yet, after four years of more obvious democratic deterioration and legal mishaps, our ex president has not suffered any consequences, in fact will attempt once again to resurect.

So there it is, in a nutshell. No one needs to know the horrible ancient history of the empire we live in, modern in-our-lifetime circomstances bely the fact of the type of power elites we elect, not to represnet our best foor forward but in reality, our own self- interest and greed. Either we, as americans, are the most gullible people in the world, the most ignorant, the most fearful or the most arrogant, self-interested ( read selfish), least compassionate, and least moral.

Progressives, liberals, radicals, revolutionaries, don't despair, you've spent hundreds of years and have failed to build even a semblance of a society that bends as well as stands strong; works and actually demonstrates real social and ethnic change; you continue to deny the fact that after three hundred years of racial divide, little has changed, that after three hundred years of imperialistic, colonialist, militaristic adventures and destruction, nothing has changed, that after three hundred years of economic disparity, elite ownership of resources, climate, land use destruction, nothings changed.

Theres nothing to be proud of. Liars and Liars have come and gone, most many times more horrible than George Santos.

The problem: continually being reliant on the patron mentality. Why wont the government move forward? Why doesn't it bend? Because we like the liar more than the dreary, thoughts surrounding the truth.

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