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Why Is America So Phony

Why is America always the first one to point the finger and the last one to recognize it's own fallibilities?

Election Update March 8th, 2016

One thing about this election and at least one of the candidates, maybe you can guess who it is, is who 's behind him. Oh, I know there lots of people out there frustrated not only with the political process, I don't know how you can't be, but many people who probably haven't cared who or what, except for criticism of Obama, immigrants, and Muslims, but also who have been patiently waiting for the King, any King, or Queen( Sarah Palin) to want to become President. The establishment parties are certainly rocking since people who traditionally voted independent or not at all have decided to play a part. I wonder though about who is supporting Trump, that is, not monetarily but militarily. Since he's shown many faces, I wonder who his faces will be as his staff. I've seen his spokespeople and they are as amorphous as the rest of the other candidate's spokespersons. In the meantime, America looks about as vulnerable as ever, its weaknesses, it's lies, it&