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An Eclectic Study of the Mundane and the Profane

  “You are living in the free world and in the free world you must stay .” Phil Ochs     An Eclectic Study of the Mundane and the Profane By todd boyd   Paradise (Unbound)   I live in Sacramento, California, USA.   It’s early November 2018. On a Thursday, November 8th morning the people of Paradise, a northern California Sierra Nevada foothill town comprised of retirees and working class people, are waking up to the alarm of a fast moving fire, pushed by winds of up to fifty miles per hour, and their town is in the bullseye seat. In southern California, the same day, two wildfires begin to push their way to the sea, threatening the city of Malibu, an enclave of beautiful people and beautiful homes. A short distance, and seven days away from Malibu, a lone gunman kills 12 people in a crowded bar, just eleven days from the last mass murder (killing of eleven Jews) in America. For the past two years, fires have raged almost all year long in California and my city ha