Fascism seems more subtle

Fascism is more subtle than we tend to think of it. In its weakened and initial stages, it is more anti- intellectual than anything else, which gives it a wide range to wander the institutional and philosophical, cultural, social, and political milieu. Change is certainly its goal, but what kind of change?

Heres some examples of daily activities or issues most common people have to deal with and fascism plays the scene.

Recent book restrictions, the freedom to read, publish and display.

Education is one of the playgrounds for fascist level, pretty much at the same level as literary and videography censorship, many fascist leaning people always have something to say about what to teach the children. Unfortunately, a society where two people in a family have to work must have little time to complain, much less to deal with the education of their kids. Public education was fine with segregation but when segregation ended neo liberals i.e. The suburban middle class of the time went to work to establish a new segregated school philosophy based on the division of so-called college bound preference students and those destined to be unfilled and unfiulfilled in working class or blue-collar jobs.

Lastly, fascism earmarks a type of religious violence as tools of submission, not only in our daily life but in the nation's adherence to violence as a mechanism for control.

All these issues are the mainstay of a fascist leaning philosophy that for the most part is the result of social conditioning through ad hoc systemic institutions, like having two-tiered justice systems, two-tiered class structure, despite the fact that when a person says two tiered there might be a tendency to think there is some form of red line upon which neither tier can or cannot cross. No, that is the reason for a complex, nation state set of rules, laws, regulations that in some instances give justice to each tier equally, especially upon public demand, but for the most part, injustice, inequality, inhumanity is an institutionalized framework designed to give the semblance of order.

Thats our constitution, folks. 

I taught government in high school and i can tell you as close to the truth as i can get that the constitution is all about structure and defense of a wealthy, landowning class and the intellectuals and neo-liberals of the day had to fight to get the bill of rights in there as well but, of course, the bills of rights are as close as these men could come to the ten commandments but like the ten commandments, the Rights did not, nor do they apply to everyone and from there, that's all we, the common people, have been trying to get.

The fascist try and keep the situation stagnant by purposefully denying society changes at all, whether by political forces or just natural, social relationships evolving along with technological and scientific learning and laws, basically an intellectual type of involvement, or evolution.

Im sorry to say but being an intellectual is actually frowned upon in the neo-liberal controlled left movements of the modern world. Issues are merely discussed or referred to in a personalized, ideological framework, harking backward to the day when individualism reigned supreme. In america, cultural equality runs rampant, but it also was the same in 1920 and 1930s western society before the rise of different fascist politics that rose out of what they deemed "anarchist and evil" social influences.

Watching the world cup im amazed of the rise of arab nation states and their modern and in some cases, fantastic, other wordly city scapes, architecture. Im also reminded that Dick Cheney and others of the bush era bought condos, property in doha and other such places, and if there is a leftist/ or neo- liberal anywhere who believes that if and when the shit hits the fan that freedom among the western world underbelly is going to be safe, please let them step forward and tell us their plan for a new, righteous world order.

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History the looking glass path

History and the past is the looking glass path upon which we travel to see where we are going next, into an ever shrinking future, a short, a small, a smaller, a maze of lies, deceits, and reckless genocides, a conundrum of rudderless motion, where we entangle ourselves in misinterpretations, dreams, and eunuch philosopies. We will become extinct before we go to mars. Thats the bet. Then try another way, over and over again and again, try, try, again.

Back to the same starting point, repeating ourselves with a new wand, sword or magical thinking, like a snake eating its tail. Ever Since the scientists of Egypt discovered the permanence of death and worship of the afterlife, the stars scattered throughout  the universe, the world and our place in it has shrunk, 

and no matter how far or how much we can imagine, 

the smaller we became like Alice in the looking glass. 

our destiny becomes more and more tenuous 

and ridiculous as if reality is anything we can count on, drifting on a life raft presumably saved yet watching the drowning of the titanic.

I am becoming coyote.

If you're not paranoid, then you're not being realistic.

There's no rhyme nor reason when it comes to love, yet poets and scientists try to capture it's essence with words or pictures

It's our time, not yours. 

Coyote the man, nefarious man, not of this world, certainly not the way of the human. 

Coyote is Indian, is the desert, is the field, and is the natural man, cruel when he can be, a joker, a real wide stoker, take me to the movies

I couldn't help but notice your unkind looks, the way you make money I suppose. There isn't much under the sun that I don't notice, but that took me by surprise. I don't like surprises, unless I'm the surprise.

What did you think was going to happen?

You've got a crazy man on one side and a bunch of hipped out innocents that are going about things in the wrong way and it's like some sort of social Molotov cocktail but without the streamers.

I can't help noticing the angles of your curves. The friendliness of your suppleness and subtlety is surprising me too. Come on baby, let's do the stroll.

Coyote is out of date.

I ran across those FTB last year. They were burying somebody not less than fifty feet from the tracks, where the sand was still loose and deep enough. Some poor sucker who liked trains when he was younger and probably couldn't believe his bad luck once he realized he wasn't going home ever again.

I see it all the time,

Never going home again.

I see it right now, some of these people are never going to be the same.

Never going home again.

I see it right now, some of these people are never going to be the same.

I'll help it along because that's what I'm all about.

Yes, we can

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I borrowed this, or the apocalypse already came, and then went.

I borrowed this from someone sweet.

The apocalypse came and went, came and went.

The apocalypse already came, is coming, is already gone.

All this knowledge/nonsense about what comes and whats past.

Stacked up against the old testament like mounds of buffalo skulls, tiny men standing on top like sherpas conquering everest.

Jesus is coming they say, coming to save the day

Someday soon He's going to ride the wild moon but we have to suffer a little more silence first,

Like buddha says, take your suffering inside you and churn it into a furnace or a crematorium for your salvation.

Like mohammed says, take up the sword against the infidel

And like jesus says, wear sheeps clothing but walk like the wolf.

All these things will come to pass.

The apocalypse came and went, came and went.

The apocalypse already came, is coming, is already gone.

Some people survived, many people didn't.

The apocalypse is here now, was already there yesterday, and will move on to somewhere else tomorrow.

Be happy you or your parents or your ancestors survived when their apocalypse arrived wherever they were when their apocalypse came and went.

Tell your children the apocalypse is coming but you don't know when it's coming, for some its already here, for others its already gone, but it's always coming somewhere at the same time its already gone somewhere else.

Someone who is sweet told me this, the world is composed of many ends but the beauty of it all, are/ is the beginning(s) that rise with every day's sun, right after the apocalypse gets its way, and already gone, the promise of something better always begins.

Someone wise told me this.

The apocalypse begins and ends, beginnings come and go too.

When you read this, hear what a sweet person told me, like the birds who loved snow white, right now you're in the middle of the time the apocalypse comes or goes. Enjoy life when you can, but like my sweet person says, "How can you not?"


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Dont ask me

If i build a small bomb and set it off and kill five people, then sell the different components to the bomb and others replicate my device and kill five people in explosions all over the country, you can be assured that once the components of that device are identified, it wouldnt take long for state and federal legislation to be enacted that makes it hard to get those components. There will be no talk about like bombs dont kill people, people kill people, what people do with their bombs is no one business, down with all regulations. Shit like that. If three hundred people in iran, including all ages and genders and abilities, are murdered for protesting or being near protestors, or thinking about protesting, such as those being executed in saudi arabia, the fact that in america during the same time period thousands of all ages, all genders, all capabilities have been murdered for no reason at all is never mentioned.

The reality is that whether it is the state, the haters and militias, the gangs, the crazed individuals the problem of violence is a human problem and not a political problem resolved with regulation, law, conformity, religious belief, or repression/oppression.

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Newer Version of Revolution

Aren't all the theocracies, dictatorships, authoritarian states including this one, calling themselves Democracies? People throw "democracy" around much in the same way they say " there is a god" as if its crazy to believe otherwise. Democrazy is just a crazy word representing a crazy world. Its a cosmetic term. Even a fascist won't say "let's all live in a fascist state," so they say instead, "we love freedom."

But they all say, " we love freedom," don't they?

Democracy has taken on so many positive/parasitic terms to its self -righteous breast, such as free, equality, and other pc words that have little or nothing to do with actual democracy.

So what is a democracy according to a dictionary?

"Government by which people hold the ruling power either directly or through elected representatives. Rule by the ruled".( Is that even possible?)." "The principle of equality of rights, opportunity and treatment or the practice of this principle."

I can hardly imagine a modern government that truly represents a democracy as defined. Voting restrictions not limited to space but including race, religion, level of wealth, property have been and continue to be enacted in every nation on earth. And to believe that the ruled actually rule the rulers they have chosen is pure fallacy.

It's true, any politician or elected official can quickly fall from grace, but rarely for defrauding the people they supposedly represent, which is another fallacy in itself, for the majority of time, most politicians are elected by a minority of registered voters, and certainly, a minority of possible voters. The fact is most people don't vote.

A rationalist can say that's too fucking bad for them, they don't have any right to complain then. No vote. No rights. But it isn't them who do all the hand wringing about what's happening, it's the losers at the polls who are forever complaining about the other side of things. In america it seems, there is a belief that once one side has lost, the battle is lost, but the war goes on. The only thing we're voting on is whose authority are we going to halfway listen to. Outside of that nothing changes because we've already bought into the system many times over, with waves of one-sided inequality, injustice, policy that shifts like a desert sandstorm. There is no right because what is right today may be wrong tomorrow and no wrong because what's wrong today will be institutionalized and enshrined in tomorrow.

Is iran a democracy and a theocracy? Is brazil a democracy and an authoritarian state? Is cuba a democracy and an autocratic socialist nation? Is america a democracy and a benevolent tongued oligarchy?

Sherin Ebadi, a prominent iranian woman who was irans first court judge in 2006 and awarded the nobel peace prize in 2003 and who has been in exile since 2008 and who supports current protests angry over the government murder of a woman who did not wear her hijab.

Over fifty percent in irans university are women.

Forced hijab, life expectancy is 50 percent than men, cannot travel without permission of husband.

She also says in iran most of the prisoners are minorities. This is not exceptional, unless anyone wants to explain why all nations prisons house the minorities of race, ethnic, political dissent.

Is Iran more civilized despite its issues than say, Saudi Arabia, who controls and manages its women life-prisoners much better?

How do we evaluate what happens in other places? Does the left use authority to convey their points as much as the right? Most certainly. Everybody plays to the middle man. Accepting and encouraging revolution in other countries and believing in their own national exceptionalism within their own borders.

Are irans problems and issues any more serious and immediate than americas? Or any of the other theocracies america supports by NOT having worldwide media coverage on their problems?

Ukraine is another example of this. Zelensky is an ex- comedian who probably only has an ear for Ukraine's militant fascist organizations

In all honesty, i'm not sure of having self-exiled authorities belabor what is ordinary criticism of any and every authoritarian regime throughout the world. Ebadi is in England where Liz Truss just resigned her forty-four-day prime ministership. Western nations, including the US are beset with their own democratic problems, such as voting restrictions amid elections, economic pressures mostly upon low income, working people, inability to stem neo- fascist, violent elements within the society, not to mention the historically driven, embedded, institutionalized racism that will continue to plaque america.

Almost any criticism of foreign prisons by authorities experiencing a plethora of exceptionalist insight is cancelled by the fact that american prisons contain the same anti-humanitarian ideology as every other prison system in the world.

Let's leave revolution in other countries to the revolutionaries. Homegrown leaders will emerge and there will be backward and forward progress, as revolutions move forward through time. 

Revolution is like climate change and evolution. Revolution is the gradual emergence of humanitarian reason over other human reliance on authoritarianism and those beliefs that following authoritarian institutions and the men (sic) who use them to control the use of violence as a tool of oppressing disagreement. Revolution is the allowing of temporary representation, not lifetime appointment by electoral process, as well as activist political communities that not only represent the people but adhere to universal principles of humanity, meaning we have to figure out what those are.

You can't say thou shalt not kill, and go ahead and murder millions, thousands of miles away, calling it self-defense.

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We're Watching You

is it any wonder we're the most paranoid culture on earth. don't believe me. think about it. we're a culture that believes everybody we deem important is watching us. God (for obvious reasons, heaven or hell being at stake, Santa Claus ( he knows if you've been bad or good). the tooth fairy (how else would it know who has teeth under the pillow), the government (mostly because of taxes, security and safety concerns (for them)), let's see who or what else is watching over me, how about every fucking camera in every store and street corner, they're all watching you and me in fact, I'm watching you, and you, and you, all of me is watching you.

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White Rabbit-Generational Divide

White rabbit

In 1967 white rabbit was a classic example of the san francisco sound, with an alice in wonderland metaphor mixed with psychedelic drug references. For anyone, whether you had taken or had experienced psychedelic drugs, understood the references.

It's said we are currently a divided nation, divided in left from right politics beliefs and traditions. The other day i accidentally ran across a video on you tube with two black young people, a man and a woman, who were going to listen to white rabbit and comment on it.

Before this, a few weeks ago i saw a few episodes of another you tube series with three, sometimes four, young black men, listening to old songs from the fifties and sixties.

I found these programs fascinating in that it seemed so incongruous to hear and see people listen to music that for my generation was so important or embedded in my cultural experience at that time.

Since white rabbit, music has, of course, changed hands with the emergence of hip hop, rap, metal, and probably many other varieties im not privy to due to the fact i do not go nightclubbing.

I watched the couple listen to white rabbit as the lyrics showed up in the text run. The woman smiled a couple of times and i thought she might be enjoying the word play of psychedelic and alice in wonderland metaphors but when it was over they both looked at each other.

When i tried to find the you tube with the young black couple it opened up a whole new world. While i couldnt find that specific video, i found hundreds of similar type videos, homemade videos of many young people reviewing songs of my generation. I listened to several white rabbit reviews and a song that once upon a time was a classic to me, listening to it with the same amount of nostalgia, now so broken down into the cultural, younger generational lexicon, i dont know if it would ever have the same meaning. 

I did learn some new things about it. One reviewer mentioned that the song was one of the first songs to thwart radio censorship (most young people today probably don't realize that mtv was still twenty years away, and radio was the primary outlet for all music and radio was, also heavily censored for language) by using an alice in wonderland theme as a metaphor for drug use.

Many of the young and black reviewers did not get the drug references at all and a couple of white reviewers did not mention the "poetry" or lyrics at all but were critical of the short, marching band tempo. 

For me the song is poetic, lyrical, an in the face of the then establishment (such as the radio censorship) and an anthem of the then counter -culture. Renditions of the song ranged from video footage at woodstock and tv appearances of the jefferson airplane, such as on the smothers brother's hour. These appearances were also examples of censorship nose snubbing. 

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Throwing Back the curtain

Every now and then something, somebody, or some event throws back the curtain separating us from them. The recent bank c...