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Its Simple.

  While reading The IMF connection with the Ukraine Crisis by Probhat Patnaik I was struck by the fact that if one has to invest time and energy into knowing about all the nuts and bolts of how Ukraine is not just a victim of its own hubris, believing that without being invaded it could have been another example of a growing democracy, wanting all the perks of the West and none of the Wests treachery, then life would be simple wouldn’t it? The IMF is, of course, the monetary arm, or finger, if you must, of the West’s economic fist, giving loans to countries who think they’re punching their own ticket to heaven and just need a boost. The IMF is always willing to give a boost but with conditions. At first, the conditions seem reasonable, providing incentives to governments to tighten economic monetary policies for the sake of proving that their (IMF) investment is and will remain secure while the country is moved toward austerity and international vulturism rather than altruism, whic

According to Stephen Hawking...

According to Stephen Hawking, the purpose of science is to work toward a good theoretical description of how the universe works. The question of whether or not the universe was created by god is not left out because it may seem too fantastic or simplistic but is left there while the theories that can stand on their own are discovered and if, according to science, those theories support the creation principal, then so be it. Right now I'm reading A Brief History of Time by Hawkings. Getting the opportunity to apply my skeptical, but unscientific mind to his philosophy is a pleasure and so right off, within a few brief pages, I've already discovered a flaw. Not a flaw in his reasoning but a flaw in the a priori assumption that whatever he says there is an element he assumes to exist and like time, is the basis for our attempt at understanding anything. That is consciousness. Consciousness is similar to time, in that its existence or origins or the environment it is connected to

2024 road to future

2024 Road to the Future Prologue In 2024 the nation will elect or reelect its president. It may seem a long way off but the midterms of 2022 are right around the corner and they may set the tone of the general election to come. Although sometimes it may seem like the nation is in trouble, sometimes not so much, however when we look at the world at large, and not "through a soda straw" as Donald Rumsfeld was apt to say, we can see the large picture the USA pretends does not exist or the picture it merely gives lip service to. Fascist and authoritarian personalities have come to the forefront of both american and worldwide politics when discontent with the status quo from left and right is high. Ever since covid, the end of the war in afghanistan, the beginning of the war in ukraine (and the beginning of a new cold war), straining of the relationships between world powers, economic policies, global climate change warming as well as warnings, all give

The climate book by Greta Thunberg

Back in the ice age 1990s when mobile exxon one of the largest warming producers discovered itself as a climate killer, reneged on its own responsibility and suggested that consumers reduce their own carbon footprint. The left always seems so insulted that anyone except corporations bear responsibility for anything bad thats happening, as if obsessive consumerism (that is, the compulsive need to purchase based on advertising, enticements, or wealth, regardless of whether or not said purchases are detrimental in one way or another to a persons health, well-being, need, or conscience) is the only reason corporations provide them. In other words, no buy, no product. It has something to do with consciousness raising, which most people, black and white, rich or born, seem to be adverse to. On the other hand, the right wants us to believe that we have any right,or should have any right to complete individual freedoms and we humans are NOT a danger to ourselves because God