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A General Strike? THIS IS A GOOD PIECE,  A General Strike?  'GET SOBER FOLKS' . I'm interested in movement organizing strategy... lots of people discussing this topic right now.  If the 9th Circuit does right will Trump ignore the decision.....sort of Andy Jackson reborn from the Bank Fight and the Indian cases of the mid 1830s?   I watched the NPR show tonight on the Oklahoma bombing of 1995. Amazing how much force the cops used and the resources they had, which turned them all into boneheads on steroids who drove McVeigh nuts. 168 Dead! The way thinks are going, that Reichstag moment could comer soon than we may have anticipated.  Labor is too weak in numbers and political strength to lead the United Front, and the broader post Woman's March movement is too inchoate at this point to fully predict how it will emerge ?  Yet, I'm optimistic.  I have visited or done a little work with a few different organizations recent