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Who You Gonna Vote For In 2024?

  Well, the left is doing what it always does, hits the streets without a plan, calling for a ceasefire when netanyahu  has said, with americas support, there will not be another ceasefire until  the job is done. Can we not believe him? What should any organization be doing right now?  Finding a candidate to replace all the ones we are given/have. Forget about left and right, democrat and republican, forget about oil vs green, even right vs wrong. We need to get out of the war business. Period. Its more important than all the smaller renditions of impossible, improbable candidates who only swing right to left, left to right in the same small circles, like the vultures they are. I dont mean to disparage the vulture, after all, it's the only bird that doesn't need to kill to eat. We need a third party that will sustain the resistance to the "taking the votes away from a viable candidate" mantra. It's the only opportunity we have is now, while the upcoming, fascists

I don't Know How It Happened

 Now i dont know how it happened but it did. I was listening to a local libertarian discussion and something one of them said made me think, which i believe is what they want me to do, right? "It used to be there was some things the left did that we (libertarians) agreed with and somethings the right did we agreed with but now theres really nothing the left wants or does that we can agree on." The fact that we now live in a nation which is skeptical of its own ideals. We no longer want to accept immigrants but are willing to go to other countries and destroy their economies, the laws, traditions, infrastructures over a false belief that leaders of nations we once supplied with weapons and armies, we can no longer tolerate. We believe, perhaps the majority of us that money, greed, and getting what you want takes precedence over what anybody else wants. Our nation is so ruptured of its oft lauded ideals and principles, we a re all open sores, ready for the vultures cast among u

A Fair Fight

 It used to be Every now and then i reverted, once the dust, smoke, clogged freeway cleared, to the notion that I'm possibly glad to live in california as though california has some special place beyond my own history. Although, there is a tendency in america to not only be a nationalist (and to believe in some sort of american exceptionalism) but, also, an indistinct, vague belief that where one lives i.e. State, city, or town has some specific relationship to each of us.  A spiritual connection based on fragmented memory, personal history. Its not just about patriotism, reserved for only national pride but maybe the flag of the confederacy or a Tolkien perfect empire, that manifests a pride that cannot be denied and should it be? Nowhere is this more apparent than in sports where ones affiliation with a home team is nearly as passionate as the furor over going to a righteous war. These are men's ideals. It's about the underdog rising up to smite the one with all the weigh