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The MorE tHingS chANge

(Amendment: Below is another example of the mOre Things Change , the More they Remain the Same. Since I wrote what is below the american people have elected Donald Trump, a Fascist, as their president, have been willing to endure for the sake of the Institution rather than the reality of the Constitution, (that's what you get when the nation is ruled by lawyers and run into the ground by those who hire the lawyers). Yes, racism, pandemic, impeachment, and what's next….? Can any body dispute what I've said?)   Trying to kill tyranny with tyranny is as old a concept as, well, let's say, trying to establish democracy with tyranny. Tyranny never equals anything other than tyranny. It doesn't work but when you live in a society such as ours it's easy to believe that changing who is in charge of the government actually changes something. Many countries have had a series of tyrants running their military and it's never changed a thing. Different faces, same results