No one believes in sin anymore nor should they. Grievance yes, sin no. The sin implies punishment by god but we all know that no one is going to wait for that.

Usery is the practice of lending money with interest as suposedly both, an incentive to pay back as soon as possible or as getting value back for the lender. A more modern version has been accepted, whereas the interest has to be excessive in order for the sin/grievance to be rendered legally as usery.

The sin-usery. The moral value- greed  the acceptable- profit or obligatory debt.

Everyone acts as if there is a universal morality composed of compassion, empathy, selflessness, common sense, and/or a belief in the universality of love.

I suppose a cynic, that is, one who is a pessimist, that is, one who doubts, might counter that if there is any universal morality it is one composed of greed, thievery, self-preservation, selfishness, and a lack of any of those values mentioned above.

Its a toss-up. And im not even saying that to have the lessor of two evils morality is not justified when many innocent people are victims of those who are immoral or sinful or cowardly.

We are either victims, perpetrators, or we occupy the ground between sin (morally bankrupt) and good ( morally righteous), moving through life as mediocrity.

The cynic, stoic, the connoisseur of life, euphoric, sensual, what body mind type are we? 

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