War and unintentional consequences

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War and unintentional (irony) genocides by inconsequential unhumanitarian, contradictorian idealist monsters of the antediluvian anti- futurist societies

The anti- futurist, ai war is being demonstrated and sampled in gaza, the ultimate experiment in, not only the epitome of militaristic adventurism, but a challenge to the world at large for a true humanitarian response. 

The world political structure is failing us. The defense of genocide is nearly unanimous.

It is only the mass of young people and humanitarian organizations which have risen to the occasion. Its not a mistake that these true humanitarians have no political power whatsoever.

AI is non discriminatroy, inefficient while being a sherman march to the sea.

Children's trust asks, "Does government have the responsibility for protecting the generation that has no rights from the mishaps, prejudices, and zealotry of the older generation." It seems it would be possible. If the supreme court has decided that states and the federal government have a responsibility to protect the unborn, it seems this protection should extend to protections for all those who are left unprotected from government repercussions, threats to the welfare of the population who have no libertarian rights. Surely, the living should have similar privileges to life as the unborn.

The cause of the climate crisis is not the fossil fuel industry, nor the the politicians that are corrupted, bribed, and greedy who support the industry. The users, the addicted public. The answer isnt in alternative energy, isnt in more batteries, more metal resources ripped from the earth, the answer is in users, us. We are the masters of the politicians, we are the masters of our own addictions, we are the masters of it all. Our so called needs, almost completely generated by social, corporate profit,.Why do we always wait, expect them to act and not ourselves. You dont have to live in a cave to be an anti-corporate directed climate catastrophe.

Everything today points to real challenges to the american way of life, from the moment we are born, we are moved from innocence to ignorance, from being social to individual, from awareness to others to self-centered, from child to hostage, held in fear from losing your job, your family, your place, your school, your future, if you stand up.

Innocence, the fodder of tyrants. Protect the unborn, murder the children, although neither are yours to decide. You want the government to punish and cry too much government for your crimes. Don't wait for them to fix it, they won't. Don't think they'll fix it, they won't. 

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