Loving the Colorado


I love the colorado river. I lived near there for several years. Recently, in the last decades the river and its artificial reservoirs have suffered, according to climatologists. 

Well, i have good news and bad news.

The good news is for climatologists and climate profiteers. The reversal of lake meads drought levels inflicts more skepticism on the belief that climate change is imminent.

The bad news is for the general public. Though mighty slow, climate change will continue causing erratic and inconsistent climate changes upon which no one will be able to predict from year to year, where or when any particular area will be affected.

What the old politicians dont realize is the further away from their last day as president they lose their freshness fast. Clinton, both clintons, are now irrelevant, and obama himself has been buried beneath his anti immigrant, pro nationalist zionist legacy.

We are eight years from obamas last day and a whole generation born since clinton. No more democrats. Do we want to be shouldered with two more politicians who can't articulate anything other than the same old platitudes we've been fed for nearly a century, or two. Have faith in us, have faith in america (whatever that is), have hope in change (incremental and always reversible) and don't forget to vote for the lessor of two evils, the math of 1/2 evil is better than one whole one.

Kamala Harris, our vice president, if you remember, has been saddled with campaigning on the abortion issue, as if because she is a woman, she understands women but doesn't understand that roe vs wade is dead, the supreme court will overturn any new legislation (even if democrats can convince enough fools to get elected and legislate new federal abortion rules), and who will not advocate for women to get back in the streets and quit infighting about who should believe what (farakhan vs netanyahu) before we can believe in each other.

That's what feminism on a national level has come down to. No one will say it. The Great Women's March of 2017 after the defeat of Hilary and real re-emergence of fascism in america amounted in the end to infighting between feminist idealists over what Man-Netanyahu or Farakhan- should represent the future of america. If no one can put aside those type of differences, then american progressives and liberals are doomed.

Here we are, nearly eight years later and the arbitrary and unreal split between Zionism and Progressive Nationalism have widened the cultural gap in the american landscape and brought us to an impasse once again- genocide, self-defense in the name of nationalistic hubris, and proxy world wars, all humming along under the watchful corporate- military elites around the globe.

When will we ever learn?

I think we all ought to go down to our favorite river and watch it flow down to the sea until we understand how little and unimportant we all are. Get off our high horse, as my dad's generation would say.

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