Vote, Don't vote? That is the question.

I'm trying to figure this voting thing out, you know, the dilemna of not voting for either candidate and, of course, the democratic party premise that a no vote for either is a yes vote for trump, in the case where we voters actually create another trump presidency by our absence at the presidential polls.

That is a dilemna. I was listening to jamie raskin, democratic representative from maryland, who articulated very well what the democratic party represented, which was, according to him, respect for the rule of law, both domestically and internationality, including international humanitarian law and the two -state solution, which, he says, has been the policy of Biden and the democrats, well, "forever"

So, i guess my question is, if we have a candidate, such as trump, who does not believe in the rule of law, nor believe in anything that doesn't have something to do with himself or getting wealthier on the backs of regular people and another candidate, such as Biden, who claims he represents the rule of law (international and humanitarian law plus two state solutions) but who during his entire political career has and continues to be fostering unhumanitarian law, no progress on the two state solution, while allowing Israel to maintain apartheid and the taking of palestinian land for decades, a belief in war as a solution for every problem, a disregard for citizen outrage, and an inability to practice in deed what he says he believes, then i think i can say' fuck rule of law, up with power to people in whatever way we can to show both these candidates we're more serious than they are. 

For any president since 1948 to claim they've supported and actively pursued a two-state solution and humanitarian law in regard to guantanamo, my lai, fallujah and the palestinian question, et al must really be cynical, a believer in the public as fools. One thing you can say about trump is, he's a purely self-oriented, power-hungry fascist, catering to the most destructive principles, like machiavelli but Biden and his ilk are the better liars, and practitioners of putting the lie before the horse or maybe worse, actual believers in their own lies, another example of a similarity with trump, typical sociopaths in a suit and tie.

For both parties, its more about preserving the corporate, business, military/intelligence, and political elites than having anything to do with preserving democracy or the rights of the public to steer the course of the nation. 

Why shouldn't we vote or not vote the way we want. We're certainly not the only ones who may not vote or vote only for those matters that matter to us.

They're the ones who give us the choices, that's part of the problem.

Voting for either candidate gives you the same thing but with a different colored ribbon around it. A package designed to explode in the long run into the same stalemate and your worst nightmare.

If trump gets elected again, i can say, i believe there will be nearly universal outrage, much like the famous women's march.

If biden gets re-elected it will be an outrage for sure, but the same o, same o, nothing will get done type of outrage.

We'll have been fooled again.

Pick your poison or pick your fight. It is one or the other.

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