The new form of racism is diversity in the wrong place

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The new form of racism is diversity in the wrong places.
The powers that be believe no one has ever seen a black, brown, gay person in real life, in our neighborhoods, in the grocery store so we are supposed to be amazed to know from commercials that everybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, feminism, all believe in the power of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, car manufacturers, and many other consumer desires. Tv programs and movies are another example of presenting a wide range of diverse but monolithic archetypes or stereotypes representing supposed typical americans, but if i thought that was all the hard working people who live on this land amounted to, i guess, i would feel defeated too.
Politicians are another group growing diverse with all, black, white, brown and sex, representing the same two party system that has existed and persisted and supported all the racist, sexist, supremacy policies throughout the decades.
(Sometimes its so hard for me to believe that anyone could believe that all legitimate ideas could be housed in two rigid conformist philosophies, and often, its hard to differentiate between the two, except in the demeanor, facial expressions, and thoughtless verbiage that comes from each one.)
Are we really all so content, becoming content, staving off death, loving our cars and jobs, going on wonderful vacations, and bettering our economic conditions, able to forget the misery in the rest of the world? The misery that our government creates so matter of factly. Puppets like Blinken, Netanyahu, Biden, Putin, all of them, the strings of authoritarian mindsets.
Can we please stop dressing people up, manufacturing the same ideas through the undifferent and indifferent public conformity we're bombarded with 24/7?
Dont forget somewhere out there, tucked away in small, isolated enclaves are black lives matter, the working class, jazz, country, and billions more living in the free world of their real mind, thats always been there and will always be there, raw, invisible, seeing through it all, and pissed off about it.

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