Jesus was the honeymoon

Its not what you accomplish, its how you accomplish it.

Ambitious feminists housewives taking control of school boards and community organizations, ambitious feminist liberals becoming lawyers, taking over the unnecessary and unneeded social conventions.

Who do you think will become the true leaders?

It looks as if dt wont be president, his armor is tarnished, after all he never had a plan nor degree to think his way through. Even the blue collar follower has forsaken him.

In a real democracy, freedom is expression. Thats all it can be.

There cant be a freedom for those who want to oppress/suppression anothers expression. 

Expression we can accept as work, space, belief, creative, love, what to learn, how to learn, living

Once that is accepted then it becomes even more complicated because humans are dual natured. Ideas of Ownership, control of property, defense of ones individual space and work, defense of ones ideas and beliefs ( another form of expression) are all common measurements societies spend huge amounts of time attempring to resolve. Resolution institutions are formulated and layer upon layer of established rules, regulations, standards are set to control what essentially becomes out of control. Entities are established who determine who can own, who can defend, 

Who has certain rights, who doesn't deserve rights.

The society becomes wound and bound by its own overabundance of solutions without really ever coming to resolve anything.

This is where authority comes in. At first, whatever god entity was around was the only real authority and the way that god authority spoke and to whom it spoke to communicate became the authority.

It was only in the societies where that god or gods became as human like, and thusly, as weak or strong as the humans they spoke for or against did it become even more complicated. Strength of authority became dependent on who could back up their gods wishes over another gods ( or even the same god) wishes, militias, militaries, armies and there you have it, the authoritarian human state, where gods disappear into the fold of human power derived from actually a belief that something undefined (and it must always remain undefined) controls men's actions over other men. Ironically, contrary to Old Testament and ancient civilization tales, the gods who at first supposedly would/couldphysically take control of power struggles, by the time we reach modern times, all it takes is a superior army and the invocation of the supreme power, which doesn't have to move a muscle, so to speak.

And then along came jesus and the squashing of peace. Although christianity spread around the world, it was the priests led by the armies that spread it by crushing any human social structure developed in the last several thousand years before it.

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