World War Three



World War Three

I actually try and think good rational thoughts but they always revolve around my society’s insanity and I can never tell in the end if I'm on the live earth or on the dead moon.

I have nothing but sorrow and empathy for the japanese people and have no reservations in saying that their attempts to avert a bigger catastrophe have been heroic. I have little respect for the western liberals, environmentalists, anti-nuke’s philosophy that always has tinges of "we told you so" mixed in with their empathy or sympathy.

And why is that you may ask?

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed events that on the surface seemed progressive and hopeful but events both natural and unnatural (politics)have moved us rapidly back into reality. Now we are choosing sides. There is nothing wrong with choosing sides I suppose but once the world powers begin to differentiate between similar events in their own self-interest and begin imposing both political and military pressure in order for certain ends we have a situation that is no longer in the control of any progressive idea but becomes the same o, same o.

What's happening in Libya is no different than what is happening in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia. Political violence is in meltdown and has been for a long time.

Here at home, we endure the constant, consistent eroding of whatever is left of unions and humanistic or social programs in the name of money rather than need. Worldwide Economic resolutions are in meltdown. We are moving forward to feudalism. It's been this way for a long time. 

So, it's As if we (americans specifically) as a nation haven't done any better in preventing what our actions wrought. We are long past the moment when we can retrace the military and economic philosophies that have engendered the most dangerous society and culture in world history.

We are in the most dangerous era in world history, not because things are so different about governments and people who rule in the modern world, it's because we live in such a highly technological society, the fear is not that machines will control us, but that the same type of people who gave us all the atrocities throughout history now have it at their disposal to control the technology that controls us.

Liberals, or those who love the security of the modern nation state, I suppose, can take heart that the small armed right-wing extremist will never be able to match the firepower of what could come at them if the little right wing wanted to act out consistent with its fears. Big government weapons will rule that day.

As the right-wing extremist can also take heart in the fact that society won't entirely collapse into complete socialism for the middle class, just continue to slide forward into a form of corporate feudalism, a condition just as akin to their own bits of fascism. It's whatever form of blindness you have that gives us our melancholy wishful thinking.

Everybody (the middle class at least) gets enough to still be able to imagine Hope, the bastard god of slaves and peasants and the materialistic middle class. And if there is credit to be had, the working lower class will be able to dream of "things" that someday in the future they may have.

I guess we can be thankful that World War Three is not the nuclear holocaust we envisioned nor the conflict of superpowers we were taught to expect. it just turns out to be the Mouse that Roared, little countries and their imagined or real tyrants against the Big Country technology, whether in warfare or economic survival struggles.

You are watching it right now, the big reality show. I hope I'm wrong but even if it doesn't get any worse than this, this is enough.


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