Don't Want No More War, No More.

 The primary election is over. Here locally it is hardly noticeable. Our one socialist on the city council has gone the way of every one out of eight or so councilmembers in every us city, the heat of israel-hamas burning the principled, like Lots wife, looking back at what she'd miss, leaving ash.

The US has backed itself into another corner of contradiction. Railing against Russia violation of Ukraine while for decades meowing at Israel for its settler expansion and now has to deal with Netanyahu on His terms, like Zelensky deals with Putin.

A history rewrite would look like this. Back in such and such year, the US makes it clear to Israel that the conditions upon which they were provided a homeland at the expense of the indigenous population (which also included Jews, Arabs, nomadic peoples, palestinians, who got relatively well, or along as well as possible without the interference of guilt stricken western nations, as people do before settlers and armies throw everything into chaos), they now have to adhere to certain principles or forfeit US support. 

This along with a type of peace in Europe right after World War 2 that demonstrated a new covenant between nations that war is the next to hell in the hierarchy and should not be planned on by establishing alliances once again. US out of Europe. Soviet Union out of eastern europe. It was the whole rabid anti-communist bullshit we've had to live with that Nixon did away with  ping pong diplomacy. Almost comical. If capitalists, specifically, and money, generically, coulda stayed out of politics long enough for the dust to die down after the war, i wonder what we would be doing right now?

But, alas, it was not meant to be. We got caught by hook, line, and sinker, as you fishers might say.

War buildups since then are like an addiction, and now, here we are, not only on the cusp of some major change, but we'll also all be drawn in, up to our necks, watching the waves roll in from a sand crabs' point of worldview.


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