What is a person.?

What is a person.
A person is one who has universal rights.
A corporation is a person
A set of cells is a person.
A nation is a person
A palestinian isnt a person.
A queer is not a person.
And depending on where you are in the world and who you are, you may or may not be a person.
Who creates personhood?
The supreme court creates.
The congress creates
The scientific community creates.
The religious communities create
Christians point to the declaration of independence as a reference that we are "one nation under god" perhaps but not governed by god.
Whos writing the us script? Biden confusing gaza aid with ukraine. Kamala saying very precisely, cease fire in gaza and while people clap, she says, "within the next six weeks, with the conditions currently on the table." Conditions hamas has already said they wont accept.


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