The age of the gizmo.

That starts in the dirt of many nations where children, men, and women scrounge for cobalt, titanium, gold, diamonds and other precious resources which will be the beginnings of the 

The gizmo connected to the whatchamacallit, inserted into the thingamachig, which when complete, goes to peoria to be hooked up to the gadget, which came from a factory in hoboken, welded to the dogeared sheet, attached via remote control ai to a chip, manufactured in silicon valley, configured and detoxified by a technician in reno nevada, driven to las vegas, stored until further use.

Heres to all the men and women so far detached from what they do, congratulations, you have just built a weapon which will eventually be used to kill, maim, and destroy human flesh or maybe the man or woman who made the gizmo.

The cogs in the machine that keep industry rolling along.

Cog immigrants.

If i'm an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, why do i want to see millions of people forced to leave their own homeland because they can't work or can't survive, come here and become mere cogs in the manufacturing and disbursement of the greatest killing machine nation the world has ever seen? And like their citizen brethren, be totally unaware of their part as toads, and gizmo connectors, weapons collectors, and humanity defectors that run this world.

Yes, work will set you free but your work may also kill somebody else.

Corporations and militaries don't care about the child labor in africa or south america or both chinas that dig the cobalt to make the gizmo that makes its way to cheap labor outlets worldwide, here's to the future of america, built on the backs of the wanna be frees.


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