I was raised up on the tv cowboy, gray matter tv, rabbit ears, and fuzzy "live" news. Actualization, id, three parts of the mind, the soul.

Intersectionality is one of those intellectual euphemisms acknowledged by progressives or woke activists to mean something is connected to not only something else but most of everything else. The range of connection runs the gamut from education, economics, class and race, law enforcement and imprisonment, cultural and social and ethnic exceptionalism, and national supremacy.

It's not a new concept, except for the more recent inclusion of analysis of societies that, up to this point, haven't been looked at in their total sectionality, so to speak.

America, more or less, is the primary example.

The reason for that is America was born capitalist, racist, classist, sexist, but so was practically every other society, tribe, community, nation in the world at the time. However, there was one essential difference between young America and it's western european co- institutionalists and that was, and still is, the ideals America claimed as its premise ( for supremacist) were not the real actualized version of the ideals It espoused, thus creating a division of realities among the people responsible, those who were living out the exception to those ideals and those accepting those ideals (into a form of national pride, patriotism, and supremacy philosophies).

Since then, radicals, revolutionaries, and common people have been trying to ascertain, exactly how much needs to be done in order to bring those ideals into line with themselves. There's been a mess of analyzing here in america spanning the intersectional globe of possible scenarios, beginning with intellectual, cultural, religious, class, sex, race analysis. These analysis' have come from scientific, religious, political trial and error beliefs about how or what or where.

None have actually been realized and all attempts at recognizing change to from change from have been preempted by the institutionalized precepts of the system needing change. Alot of this stagnation comes from the fact that progressive idealists tend to be lazy and almost always are pulled back into the very system they are attempting to change. And sometimes those radicals or progressives are forced out entirely or destroyed.

For example, the Black Panthers were attempting to initiate various black "institutions" in regard to food programs, education, carceral institutions, and self-defense. 

Self-defense is a concept most radicals don't concede as being necessary, especially with all the violence that america represents, it's seen as a more primitive form of revolutionary analysis.  It's true that all the revolutionary "heroes" of the early and mid-twentieth century were killed or rendered helpless by CIA, FBI and other international agencies, including the Panthers.

The political organization, an irresponsive and irresponsible entity, structured to eliminate dissent, freedom, or, at the very least, slow down or stop any faction that demands change. In our system of government, it looks on paper like it might work but as with everything else in this country, it's run by men, for men, and through men, though I have to say as a man, the sex of the leaders of any nation, corporation, wealthy class is more about what adventure they're on about, whether it be military, political, or economic war.

It is a man's world where everyone is a hero (justifying whatever atrocities the country is involved in). That whole concept goes back to every statue and memorial for military, national heroes, despite whether or not they are pedophiles, rapists, killers, genocide promoters or genocide deniers.

Hell, a country that still glorifies it's civil war history rather than treating it as treason is a desperate country to maintain some sort of denial of its nefarious past. We can hardly prosecute nor condemn bankers, ex-presidents, aparthied and genocide deniers, torturers, military atrocity makers. 

America seems to be exempt in the world of international responsibility. America has accepted the mantle of world savior, a mantle that was never bestowed on it, similarly, like Netanyahoo for believing that he(it) is a "jewish" savior, when in reality, he, like America, no one except his (its) own henchmen, (the military) backs him up. Outside of that cabal, behind the façade of order, the world fears what either of these two and a couple of other world culprits can bring to the brink. 

Everyday, it seems we are immersed in a Cold War- Zionist standoff. While Gaza is systematically physically demolished (and if you think about it, never to rise again in any civilized form), we throughout the world, are systematically democratically and ideally decomposing, like a corpse.

The vultures are circling.

So, yeah, intersectionality when put in realistic terms gives us nothing in return, except another framework for a horrible future, unless “the people” wake up. We are asleep. All of us, no matter how black, workin class, or sexually free, no matter what sort of activist, poet, dancer, bright you are.

We all understand the predicament we’re in but that gets us nowhere we haven’t been before.

We want a revolution and we want it NOW!

Start by not voting for the lessor? Of two evils. Make your community or make new community. Use the tools, the skills to build what you want to see. Just Build.


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