The Toads

The Toads

According to the standard  english language dictionary, a toad is a member of the amphibian/frog buFonidae family characterized by dry leathery skin, short legs and large warty bumps covering its body. A common toad's lifespan is 10-12 years, unless they try and cross a major thoroughfare when they emerge from their wintery shelters.

On the other side of the toad coin is the human toad who, according to the dictionary of american slang, uses flattery and cajoling to gain familiarity and favor with a superior, or one who acts as a lackey to his superiors.

In order not to disparage the toad who i used to be very familiar with while living around farmland, rivers, creeks, and wide-open spaces of rural sacramento, what i have to say about the toad like behavior of politicians, world leaders, and corporate bosses, though its hard sometimes to differentiate between who's bossing/cajoling who in the world of big finance, corporate greed, and manufacturing the american war dream.

Above the gates of dachau is the german phrase arbeit macht frei "work sets you free."

The original expression originated from a novel by lorenz diefenbach. In which gamblers and fraudsters find the path to virtue through real labor.

Formerly adopted by the nazis or in other places, the slogan became a sort of mystical, spiritual essence of the higher value of work, if not necessarily in this life, at least in the next one, especially if you were one of those who were forced to work until you dropped or put in the showers.

Working until you drop is only a measure of what is available to the bossman to replace you. Slavery was a buyer/seller marketplace whereas building the pyramids was not nearly as costly to its builders. 

Imperialism and colonization were built on trade and values established on the needs of those who care little for human value, and in fact, most of those critters don't believe humans have any intrinsic value, only a commodity value.

Biden says he wants to take us into the existential future and not go back to the past, yet aren't we always reliving the past throughout incessant "cold war" chants, our 1948 palestine annexation by the zionist/western alliance, the divisions in america of every political, cultural, and racial trope, everything is about the past in america. He says he knows america, well thats all he knows, the past because hes never really thought of the future except as a spaceboy, capitalist toy, cold war goy, or political ploy.

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