I remember

 I remember when the american people were outraged when saddam hussein invaded kuwait decades ago, and the father of our country and the cia told us that iraqi soldiers were killing babies in incubators and for that the invasion began.

And now we hear our ally, israel, if i must say say its name, commits atrocities against what some would call arbitrary "international law" against babies and innocent civilians.

Does the anti- choice contingent in american politics raise its voice in concern and empathy? No. Why not?

Because in america morality is based on the arbitrary political whims of those who have socialized us, embedded in us an obscure fear and an even more ambiguous reactive violence, like a dog who is trained to respond to rewards and commands of violence.

Oh, what a sweet nature that is!

The american people. 375 million strong, composed of babies ripe for exploitation, fears and prejudices and privileged and spoiled and dreamy ambitious and ignorant and liers and deniers cannot get it up against the mischief of its so-called representative government.

It's not the corporations who run this country, it's the very government and its illusionary mixed up ideology of supremacy, using these fantastical ideologies like the oracle of delphi, ruling and demanding we believe, commanding us, our voices silent.

Our time is gone. It goes in the aftermath of the Palestinians, the aftermath of our own genocide, our commitment to slavery, americas notions of supremacy, and the worship of money.

And where is jesus, or god, in all this? America is god and we can't see that the belief in one is the same as belief in the other. A medieval farce.

Why was america the nation with the most deaths during the pandemic? America, with the supposed best health care in the world.

And before, when north vietnamese gunboats attacked our powerful navy in the gulf of tonkin, for that the war of my generation, was on. 

Starting but never ending.


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