The Enemy Within

The enemy within

Yes, Merica is always at war, engaged in war, prepared for war, starts war, but where is the real battlefield?

Right here in Merica's homeland. Where every day there are casualties, deaths, threats from weapons of war wielded by an unrecognized, ill-defined enemy, embedded it's own citizenry, embellished by illusions of grandeur and arrogance.

This enemy can only be characterized by it's motto, "I have the right to defend myself", a microcosmic variation of the larger nation's mantra, "we have the right to defend ourselves."

In Merica, self-defense and security are of paramount concern. A nation filled with laws on the books but one of the most lawless places on earth, plenty of opportunity for greed, corruption, capital adventurism, and, of course, lawless defense of the right that makes might.

We are rafah.

Our nation will only protect its corporate, nationalistic, and imperial interests. It is time we, the real people, defend ourselves. Don't Give Up the right to self-defense, Resist.

Yes, there are so many things in our personal lives that may interfere in dedicating ourselves to the denunciation of those who are terrorable, masterminding and enforcing terror around the world.

But it is our personal lives that are the ultimate revolutionary weapon. We don't need guns, we dont need THEM. Don't buy, dont believe, don't participate. You can still take care of your mother, educate your children, go to the grocery store, take a vacation, dance, even pay your taxes, BUT NOT FOR THEM. 

Maybe the one of Jesus sayings was "Give unto caesars what is caesars, give unto god what is gods"

What is gods? Well, historically, THEY have made themselves god and convinced us that what they represent is god, or god gives THEM the right to do whatever they do. 

Do you think thats true?

Does god really have a tribe, a religion, a nation it favors, like a jealous, trite, envious fickle child? Every civilization has risen on that principle, god protects, god is us, we are gods children.

No, we are not gods children. God is not our nation. Having the most powerful military nation on earth does not prove gods favorite nation. Civilizations come and go. Go visit the ruins of both modern and ancient Iraq, Turkey, Khartoum, Africa, Western Hemisphere, Southeast Asia, everywhere.

Technology is the only significant difference between the old and the new, but not the evolution of Man. There is hardly any difference between the governance of the Pharoahs, Aztecs, Grecian and, now, the Western civilizations (including the US).

Everywhere civilizations and gods have gone, the people (which is us) have suffered and not been allowed to succeed. We were converted, subdued, oppressed, enslaved, massacred.

Oppression happens in the mind, destroy freedom in the mind. Not the Merican type of freedom where we supposedly should believe we deserve anything we want (our very wants created by THEM). But the freedom to live our life, free from the imposed beliefs in what THEY say are, or should be, our desires, wants, and needs. Those things aren't ours, they are THEIRS.

Free your mind and you will be free. Our minds have been collecting trash, like the rest of society. How many times has anyone said when looking at an homeless encampment, why so much trash?

Its almost a sociopathological entrapment of the Merican dream.

Its all they have. There's a certain amount of comfort in it and when its all you have, a little comfort can go along ways.

Well, my friends, our heads are just as bogged down with all the philosophical, intellectual, socio-political trash, were no longer able to make sense of hardly anything, except if we relent and try to accept what we know isnt true or bullshit.

What real choices do we have? Take sides in any war, invest in the stock market, worry about our children's future, be anxious about our communities, worry, worry, worry.

I' m not saying Dont worry, be happy. Im saying, Figure Out Yourself, Then Happily Resist.


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