Sunday Morning Sermon-written in 2012


 Another The More Things Change, the More It Remains the Same History

The Contenders

Yesterday Gingrich won the SC Primary thus throwing another monkey wrench into the Mitt Romney Presidential nomination race. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for this pitiful bunch of presidential contenders. it's the worst bunch of characters I've ever seen. And to think one of them will be the nominee running against an unpopular but relatively nice guy who has done nothing to change the conservative think tank called america. When the chips are down the money will go with the incumbent.

But wait.

I've been wrong before. OK many times.

In 1968 I was running with a liberal crowd, which is the only name that passes for revolutionary change in this nation, and we were amassing hundreds of thousands of people at demonstrations, pep political rallies, and concerts. The liberal agenda was on the march. Anti-war, civil rights, abortion rights, women's rights, we were on the move.

Then along came john- the "silent majority". Nixon won that election and got to be the one to initiate a new neocon and neoliberal philosophy together. Make very heavy war in Southeast Asia while opening trade doors with China, our supposed archenemy and the future of capitalism.

I never thought it could happen. I was surrounded by my liberal compatriots but evidently, we were surrounded by the silent majority. Like the old joke about the lone ranger and tonto being surrounded by indians. The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says, “Looks like we're surrounded friend. What do you mean "we" kimmosabe? Tonto replies.

And so it is with this. I thought George Bush was too dumb to be President too. People would see through him but he was in the right place at the right time.

I think he was a dupe for forces way beyond his control but he knew how to stay in the game and not fold. Obama is the same way. He uses the popular moment and runs with it.

One lesson learned for me is that I have no idea what or who is controlling this country. The political philosophy running this country is akin to believing in a religion. Some things you accept because even though you don't understand it, there is someone who says they do, and they're kind of like you in appearance so you accept what they say.

Who are these contenders?

They are the ones like all the others who bring us every day to the new world order. The new world order brought to you through legislation, corporate/bank risk economics, neoliberal political philosophies as manifested by the ongoing war and domination philosophies of the western world nation. All this is backed and supported by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide since they all have one thing in common-to protect those who have from those who want.

There will never be a change in Personnel who transpire to change policy. Homeland Security has made real change impossible, if it ever was possible, by going through a statutory legislative process. This is, of course, intentional. If Sept 11 was a surprise, it should be more of a surprise at how quickly and easily any semblance of democratic principals were put aside, and this will be forever. The fact that you or me are still able to say fuck you to the government is not proof we still live in a free society. We do not.

Think about this when looking at your choices for president.

About 1271 government organizations and 1931 private companies work on counterterrorism, homeland security in 10,000 locations across the US and 854,000 people hold top secret clearances. if you wonder what all these people are doing, figure there are 50,000 intelligence reports.

These Republican candidates are the epitome of this new society. If there is any sympathy from me to anyone it is to Obama because until he really does prove that he is a true fascist like his republican counterparts I believe that like or unlike Sept 11, the economic crisis that exploded in our midst nearly four years ago is another "accident" that happened to set a course that Obama became mired in from his first day forward.

These four jokers-Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul- will only entertain us until the next big crisis is foisted off on us. Probably Iran.

(2024 note- Or Ukraine, or Israel, or climate change, or Trump)



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